Five Police Officers killed

Five Police Officers killed July 8, 2016

Eleven total shot.  six more wounded.  God bless those heroes who threw themselves in front of protesters who only moments before were bemoaning racist, murdering cops.  That is what a hero is all about.  Bless those who will not return home to their families.  Bring peace and strength to their loved ones, their colleagues, and an unworthy nation that wrestles with the events of the last few days.

The media is urging caution.  The emphasis is on fact finding and learning the details without a rush to judgement.  The call is to set aside preconceived opinions and instead mourn and weep and pray along with the victims and their loved ones.  And that’s as it should be.

You see, the trick to Christian ethics isn’t doing the right thing when convenient.  It’s doing the right thing period.

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