Jan. 24: Sweet Success

Jan. 24: Sweet Success January 24, 2013

When we are created, we are given special talents, though we don’t yet know it.  We’re endowed with the ability to love, and this love will manifest itself in different ways throughout life.  For Lorie Burcham of Nashville, Tennessee, her purpose was expressed through baking.

Burcham and her husband worked in youth ministry for 14 years, and were looking for more ways to help pay the bills and feed their family.  Her love of baking started out as a way to earn extra money, but soon turned into a passion and a booming business.  With extra effort and a special technique called “infusion,” which keeps wedding cakes moist and delicious through a marinating process, Burcham and her husband were invited onto the Food Network twice for cake-baking challenges.

Thanks to the increased publicity the TV exposure brought them, the couple is now running a café, alongside their cake studio, where they are able to sell their delicious desserts.

How can you use your God-given talents to make life a little sweeter?

In all toil there is profit, but mere talk leads only to

poverty.  (Proverbs 14:22-23)

Lord, I do not know how or when You will use my

talents, but let all I do glorify You!

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