July 20: Oh, My Aching

July 20: Oh, My Aching July 20, 2013

Many people around the world are disabled by degenerative disc disease in their backs and necks, according to Cornell University’s Chronicle Online. Fortunately, medical and engineering professionals work daily to find new and better ways to offer relief from chronic and debilitating pain.

For example, Cornell engineers and doctors in New York “have created a biologically based spinal implant that could someday mean relief for countless sufferers,” writes Ann Ju in the Cornell Chronicle.

New biologically based discs might have an advantage over potentially risky “bone or metal or plastic implants” which can move around in the body. Also, “debris from the metal or plastic particles” can accumulate inside us from wear and tear.

Few of us are scientists who can create new inventions that promote good health and relieve pain.  All of us, however, have it within our power to reach out to others in ways that improve their mental, emotional and spiritual health.  That doesn’t require a degree; just a kind and caring heart.

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.  (1 Corinthians 12:7)

Help relieve the pain that keeps me from living fully, Jesus.

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