Dec. 13: Both Sides

Dec. 13: Both Sides December 13, 2013

Walking along the main avenue in her neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon, Maggie was thinking about how she longed to just be alone.  Although she loved them both, the stress from her teenage daughter’s mood swings and from her husband’s job issues was beginning to take its toll.

Suddenly Maggie ran into Ruth, a friend from the neighborhood.  “Say a prayer for me,” Ruth told Maggie.  “I am so lonely, and long for companionship—someone to just share the day’s moments with.”

Her friend’s comments gave Maggie a jolt—and helped her see the blessings of living with love from family close at hand.

Our life’s circumstances come with their own joys and sorrows. We need to celebrate the good times, and support one another when things get difficult.

Even those who live many years should rejoice in them all.  (Ecclesiastes 11:8)

I am never alone, Lord; Your love surrounds me always.

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