Dec. 14: In the Nick of Time

Dec. 14: In the Nick of Time December 14, 2013

Volunteers annually host a Christmas party at the New Milford, Connecticut firehouse for 40 youngsters from a nearby school for children with special needs.  One year, the party’s organizer, Peggy King, got word the day before the event that 60 kids would be attending.  Panicked because they only had 40 gifts with no more money in the budget, King needed a miracle.

As she recalled in Guideposts magazine, King and her husband, Jerry, arrived at the firehouse the next day, gloomy at the sudden turn of events.  Simultaneously, another driver pulled up.  He said he was looking for a polling place to vote.  King told him there was no voting at the firehouse; just a party for special needs kids for which they didn’t have enough presents.

The man asked how many toys they needed, then rushed off promising to return.  He came back with armloads of presents. Where did he get them so quickly?  It turns out the “lost” stranger was Major Tom Quigley, a leader of the local Marine Toys for Tots program.  Or maybe you should just call him Santa Claus.   The Lord whom you seek will suddenly come. 

(Malachi 3:1)

Father, may we bring the miracle of joy into other’s lives. 

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