National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer May 4, 2017

So today is a national day of prayer, and it’s pretty clear it’s meant to be a Christian thing. So of course a bunch of ADF folk have decided that we needed some pagan prayers too.


Earth mother, by many names we call to you: Nerthus, Ana, Zemenya, Mokosh, Gaia, moist mother, we see You. We walk upon You. We are made of You.

I call now to the Earth we see in our minds eye: grand vistas, grain fields, and rolling hills. I call out to remember that vision gifted by the lift of human mind and science: the blue marble of our home hurtling around the sun. Earth mother, we see You.

I call now to the Earth Mother as the alleyway with cracked paving.

I call to You as the dandelion deeply thrusting to find the earth soul in the abandonded lot. Earth Mother, we see You.

I call to you Earth Mother as the brownfield and the factory, as the landfill and the compost heap, as the metal and plastic we take from you from which we make the framework of our lives.  Earth Mother we see You.

These places too are the Goddess of the world, just as much as the pine covered mountaintop and the winding river valley. I ask not for forgiveness for these transformations we have made. I am not in sin. I do not need to be forgiven.

I only ask, Earth Mother, that you aid us to see you, in all your forms and in all Your guises. Please let us see.

Let us see the Earth as we see our children, beloved and nurtured by our work and sleepless nights.   Let us see You as our lover and our friend, for in truth we are all made of your sweet soil and our wellbeing depends on Yours.

Sting me with your truth, Blessed Bee. Let the venom of knowledge flow through me. For I know that the sacred cannot be unmade by a snake offered apple, The sacredness of the Earth can only be hidden, not destroyed. We are all her sacred creatures, and it is our duty and joy to walk lightly on You.

Earth Mother of the many names I call to You and ask,

Let us see.

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