Magic Charm to Call a Luck Spirit

Magic Charm to Call a Luck Spirit September 11, 2019

This ritual is based on the modern ritual structure outlined here, it has six basic steps that can be used to frame most neo-pagan ritual structures. 

I will warn anyone who wants to deal with luck that it is fickle.  Many of the luck spirits in the lore can turn on you if you do not properly take care of them.  Often their method is to steal luck from others, so consider if you want to make sure to emphasize that as not acceptable, or only in certain ways.  Certainly some might decide that stealing the luck of the rich or powerful is a good idea. Some might not feel that way.  Your ethics and integrity are your own. You do you.

Ritual To Call a Luck Spirit

A photo of various accoutrements of ritual: a tarot book, pendulum, burnt out match and candle, runes, and an amethyst ring.
Ritual is shaped by how we view the sacred.

Land Acknowledgment:

Do this in the way that seems most appropriate to you, offer some grain or a song to the Earth Mother, speak one of the Homeric Hymns to Demeter, recite the tribes that are indigenous to the land you live on or just go outside and sit on the earth for a moment in quiet contemplation.

Container Making:

Again, this is built off of how you do ritual.  If you’re a Wiccan, call quarters and cast a circle. If you’re a Druid call to the land, sea, and sky.  If you’re a Heathen, tell the story of the bridging of Ginnungagap.  Light some incense and purify yourself. Do the things that put you in the magic headspace.


Give offerings to sacred things, open gates, or just meditate on the sacred for a bit. 

Next, give offerings to the Fates, in your pantheon or style: Offerings of thread, homespun, fabric, or incense work well.

Give offerings to your patron spirits and deities, to bless the working. Offerings can take the form of materials that you burn, bury, or pour out. They can be songs you sing, or poetry you write.  As humans, the only thing we can really offer is our clever ability to transform and our effort.  Everything material we give as offerings comes from the Mother Earth. Make sure your offering is what that god or spirit would want, not what you would want and make sure that you are using the powers of human transformation in your offering process.

A pale stone bas relief of three goddesses in finely detailed robes with crowns. One carries a pitcher.
The Three Tyches, Greek Goddesses of Fate: Louvre Museum [Public domain]

Return Flow

Take an omen in your preferred method, such as tarot, ogham, or a coin flip. Use this information to decide if you will proceed with the luck working. 

Say a prayer of blessing that connects you to the water that flows through you and through the earth such as this one:

Waters of Life Prayer:

All Waters are one.
The water that flowed from this tap
Is the water that flowed from the pipe
Is the water that flowed from the aquifer
Is the water that flowed from the river
Is the water that flowed from the ocean
Is the water that flowed from the sky
Is the water that flowed from the sacred well where the gods reside.
All Waters are one.

Basking in the Blessings: 

Calling in the Spirits of luck: 

If the omens are good, make a small salt circle and a large one around yourself.  Put an offering that seems appropriate to you in the small salt circle, and a symbol of the luck you need. 

Charm to call a Luck Spirit

I am strong in my words, I am empowered by my integrity, I stand rooted in my deeds,
I have taken action, and bowed to fate, and now I come to the spirits in need.
I call to the spirits of luck, I am in need, my community is in need, we call unto thee.

Aid my action
Guide my gifts
Bend the balance
Mend the rifts
Find the fate
That falls out best.
By land, wind, and sea,
by swamp, river, and bee,
By lakes, land, and sky
by fire, fate and eye
Let me see the spirit of luck that comes to me.

Go into trance at this point, or if you’re not used to trance work close your eyes and imagine what a spirit of luck might be like. Mentally and ask the spirit to appear to you. Ask its name, what it needs and how it can help you. If it asks for specific offerings, make sure to keep up your end of the bargain. 


Give thanks to the spirits that aid you, and to the fate goddesses who weave the web of fate. Sit in gratitude for what you have and write down any names you learned, symbols you saw, and experiences you had. 

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