Sister Solidarity or White Solidarity?

Sister Solidarity or White Solidarity? May 16, 2019
About Danielle Kingstrom
Danielle Kingstrom is an author, podcaster, and home-school teacher. She cohosts the podcast: Book Ish- The Canon Continues. Danielle lives in Minnesota, with her husband Cory, and their five children. You can read more about the author here.

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  • Danielle Kingstrom

    I am not entirely sure what you mean. Could you expand?

  • newenglandsun

    Individualism is a philosophy which values the decision of the individual over against conformity. If a woman wants to affirm that abortion is murder, should that not be her decision? Why can she not act on it? Why must she conform to the power of “the sisterhood”?

  • Danielle Kingstrom

    This particular piece that you are commenting on has absolutely NOTHING to do with abortion. It is about white solidarity.

  • newenglandsun

    Which women have committed to “white solidarity” though instead of the “sisterhood”? Your string of posts indicates the context is relating to those who would declare abortion to be murder have adopted “white solidarity” instead of the “sisterhood”. Of course, they haven’t adopted “white solidarity” because abortion is not about “whiteness”, it is about morality. Those who support abortion, support murder, the Devil, and are on the side of the forces of Hell. It is shocking that you attempt to reference Scriptures to justify your obviously odious regressive and barbaric moral position.

    Remember, that the Church is the body of love created by Christ himself. To be severed form it is severed from love. Is the Church infallible? Yes. Does she teach abortion is murder? Yes. Do you teach it not to be murder? You do. You stand outside the Church and apart from Christ.

  • Danielle Kingstrom

    I think you are commenting on the incorrect post. The blog on white solidarity has nothing to do with abortion. It is about my experience in rural Minnesota with white women who use token black women to demonstrate “diversity”.
    Again, this blog has NOTHING to do with abortion.
    Try examining my other pieces and then make sure you are commenting appropriately.