Agree with Me, or Else! Diversity Deficiency in Agreement

Agree with Me, or Else! Diversity Deficiency in Agreement June 28, 2020

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Agree with me or else!

If you don’t agree with me, that means you are a racist, capitalist-loving, sexist, homophobic bigot that refuses to acknowledge their own privilege and participation within the systemic racist structure that you had no choice as to being born into. Agree with me or else, just as easily as I can say you were born a sinner, I can now say you were born a racist. Your skin color says it all.

Agree with me that all police should be defunded! We don’t need the police!

Agree with me that Black Lives Matter even if you don’t understand the concept or question the ethics of the affiliated global organization. Any disagreement with the mission statement about BLM the organization is racist. I shouldn’t have to explain it to you, it’s obvious, so agree! Do not question the things that I have presented to you, agree, or don’t. But if you choose not to agree, based on trivial circumstances and a quick flip of judging others, I will cast you off as just another white supremacist that doesn’t care about black and brown people. I will cast you off as a Republican and a Trump supporter if you dare question the narrative. And didn’t you know, all Republicans and Trump supporters are white supremacists?!

Agree with me that protests ought to be violent and destructive— that’s the only way we can effect change! Agree with me that white people should not be allowed to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. unless they also agree that all white people are born with privilege and that they operate out of a sense of white fragility when they dare ask me questions to better understand the circular logic that I present as sound evidence as to why this country is nowhere near great, never has been and never will be.

Agree with me that all people should wear masks and that those who do not are selfish people that hope all our grandmothers die of COVID-19. Agree with me that protesting doesn’t spread COVID but attending a Trump rally does. Agree with me that protesting is safe but attending the beach is not.

Agree with me that every black American killed by the police is a grave injustice that demands protesting, rage, and rioting. Never mind the hundreds of black Americans killed every day on the streets. Those black lives do not matter, only the black lives that the media edifies.

Agree with me that if you are a black American and you disagree with me, that means you are an Uncle Tom, a bed wench, a traitor to your race, and a sell-out. Agree with me that all black Conservatives are just brainwashed by the societal white supremacist programming and that they need my help to see the error of their ways. Agree with me that black Americans that challenge the status quo are the true heretics of Christianity, failing to see that Jesus only stood for the minority, oppressed, and poor collectives.

Agree with me that the only diversity we demand is that of skin color, sex, gender orientation, ethnicity, and religion that is not Christianity. Diversity of thought is dangerous because it challenges the status quo. Agree with me, that even in spite of the fact that I blame the system for producing this disharmony, that it will be the same system that brings about harmony. Don’t question the contrariety of it, doing so means you are a racist.

These are the sentiments that I see splashed across social media posts and heard in discussions.

And I must ask, isn’t disagreement the truest form of diversity that we have available to us? Diversity of thought, opinion, belief, and understanding—these are the things that make up the multiplicity of our world. Yet, as referenced by the above assertions made by progressive-minded individuals, it seems that the goal is toward homogeneity. It sure looks like what is being demanded is the opposite of diversity.

The most dangerous part of the push for the status quo is the fact that asking questions for better understanding can get you labeled as a Judas. Why do we fear questions? Why don’t we want people to understand what it is they are supposed to be in agreement with? Why do we elude information and conceptual breakdowns when we are challenged? If what one says is the gospel truth, and believes it to be the way things should be, then why can’t anyone explain and give a reason for why one believes the things that one does? If the status quo created the problems in the first place, why should anyone expect that conforming to the same way of doing things will offer us a change or a challenge to the way things were?

So the question remains: if we truly want diversity, shouldn’t we expect that most of us disagree?



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