Eclipse Energy: The Great Revealing

Eclipse Energy: The Great Revealing June 23, 2020

Photo by karen kayser on Unsplash

Are we entering a Great Awakening? Are the fires that are burning in cities and in our hearts preparing us for refinement and transformation? What will the eclipse deliver to us as its great revelation? What has been concealed is now being revealed. Do you have eyes to see it and ear to hear it?

It’s interesting that during one of the most tumultuous months of 2020, our solar system has presented not one eclipse, but two this June. An eclipse temporarily obscures that which is in sight. It’s a remarkable astronomical phenomenon that conceals before it reveals.

A friend of mine asked me, “How did the eclipse treat you?” and I had to pause and reflect on such a vastly different question. How does a celestial phenomenon treat us in the universe? Does it move us? Does it influence us? Does it affect us in some way that we just haven’t paid attention to?

The term eclipse is derived from the Greek word ékleipsis, which means “the abandonment”, “the downfall”, or “the darkening of a heavenly body”, which is derived from the verb ekleípō which means “to abandon”, “to darken”, or “to cease to exist.” (Wikipedia)

I find it strangely comforting that the way we define such an incredible celestial phenomenon combined with the current societal frustrations taking place; we can sense a deeper abandonment and downfall eclipsing our reality.

Did we not just exit a time of concealment? Coronavirus panic influenced us all to conceal ourselves—our mouths. Not only that, but we distanced ourselves from others. We abandoned intimate connection out of fear that we would spread a deadly virus. Isn’t it also interesting that the term we use to define the virus is also a phenomenon that is most prominently revealed during an eclipse? A corona is a crown of light that one can see encircling the sun or moon during an eclipse.

So here we are, standing in the vast revealing—a shifting is occurring as the sun passes behind the moon to reveal the light once again. What has been revealed out of what was concealed?

Media reports tell us that police brutality is a mounting and systemic problem that requires a drastic reformation of the system. Is this information new? Has it been concealed for too long? Is the light being shone on something that once was hidden?

Health and medical reports have revealed that perhaps, coronavirus wasn’t as contagious nor as deadly as originally anticipated. Is this information new? How long was it concealed and why is it being revealed to us now? Perhaps the downfall occurring is that of fear-mongering. Maybe we are waking up to the notion that sometimes, people use fear tactics to control us. Have we learned that we prefer to be in control of ourselves?

Have you noticed a general abandonment of the coronavirus panic? As the phases to reopen cities and states begin to transition, it’s as if we have exchanged one fear for another. It’s finally safe to go outside and socialize, but the fear of protests, riots, and looting presented themselves. The media dropped the fear-mongering for one virus only to substitute it with another: the virus of racism.

Is it that racism was concealed from us? Is it because we have cameras on us at all times that this is becoming a more prominent societal problem or was it always in plain sight? A bigger question to ask, which has been raised by many, is that of asking “why now?”. Why is it that amidst COVID-panic, the narratives swap on us and bludgeon us with brutalizing video after video of the apparent evil that still exists in the world?

Why tell us to fear the outside only to tell us that if we are not outside and protesting it’s because we don’t care about others? What was “stay in, stay safe” all about?

Perhaps what is most significant about this revelation is that the truth is not always so readily available on our screens and in our social media newsfeeds. We must observe and reflect before we can really see what is going on. Optics are just an illusion if they are staged correctly.

Does this mean I am saying that police brutality isn’t an issue? Does this mean I am saying “All Lives Matter”? Not at all. Any form of brutality against another human being is morally reprehensible. All lives do matter, but I don’t need to take away from the fact that sometimes we need to be specific about what all means.

The tilting of the earth, the eclipse, 6 planets in retrograde, the alignment of 6 planets—all this astronomical noise is revealing a great awakening to the collective conscious. That is what I see taking place. We are abandoning old ways of doing things. During such a transformative time, however, we must be cautious to not be so foolhardy. Yes, change is good, but we still must ask if this change is for good or ill. Listen to your heart, your gut, and your mind. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. Don’t be afraid to critically evaluate the energy before you.


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