June 29, 2019

After spending hours watching the Democratic debates, I suddenly feel as though my whole way of life, and all that I experience, is a lie. Apparently, the economy is not providing for me. I was informed that unless I am a big corporation, that I won’t succeed. I won’t make anything for myself. I cannot rise above my own standard of living if I attempt to. Stuck I am stuck, in the middle of chaos, and so long as Trump… Read more

June 27, 2019

Let me start off by saying this: I don’t believe the collective “we” really wants to understand one another. Understanding the Other means: we must connect with them. If we connect with them; we humanize them. If we humanize them, we cannot demonize them or use them as our scapegoat. Them. Them. Them. We rely on them to blame, shame, and target. It is them who bears the burden of our anger and inequality. It is us who are righteous… Read more

June 26, 2019

The center of the storm. Is it the center of suffering? The storm I have been facing—it’s been relatively calm. But only because I have refused to continue moving outward from the center of this storm that is my life. Of course, I am being dramatic. Unlike the inner-workings of an actual center of a storm, take for instance a tornado; I have a little bit more control over how long I hover in this center. I can resist the… Read more

June 22, 2019

Have you ever read a book that compelled you to look at what you have been practicing and think to yourself, “Oh shit! I have been doing it all wrong”? For me, Confident Humility by Dan Kent, is that book. In order to become your full self, you have to resist that urge that justifies becoming full of yourself. How do you do this? By practicing confident humility- a third option. An option that most of us have seemingly already… Read more

June 22, 2019

How dare you ask for an apology! Or so that’s how the message goes. If you look around, it seems that everyone, everywhere are demanding the ultimate “I am sorry” and the requests are taken as the grandest of offenses. Never mind what has been said or done; who would have the nerve (especially in this society of all societies) to ask for an apology?! If you have been paying attention to the news cycles, you’ll see a common demonstration… Read more

June 14, 2019

The Church is Queer A defiant yet definitive statement, boldly proclaimed by Lenny Duncan, pastor and author of Dear Church; a Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the U.S. A statement that I believe should be echoed throughout all avenues and social applications. What is “Queer”? To be queer is to be beautifully unorthodox. To be queer is to deconstruct all of the societal norms and definitions that force us to choose box A or… Read more

June 14, 2019

When you think of the term “empathy”, how often do you think of its negative side-effects? As if empathy could have any? We have often been told that narcissists do not have the capacity for empathy (not true, actually). Still yet, we are reminded through personality tests that having an empathetic disposition is a positive characteristic. Perhaps it feels magical, even. The way we can feel the feelings of others as though they are radiating outward like energy fields. To… Read more

June 13, 2019

How do we face change? How do we move through suffering? What happens when the changes we face deliver us to the seat of suffering? Can we find the calm in the center of the storm? Four It was the Gospel of Mark that presented for me a necessary (and immediate) foreshadowing of how to prepare for fall-out. I was recently released from my publisher, which essentially cascaded the potentiality for my podcast to continue. While I won’t go into… Read more

June 7, 2019

You really don’t need anything at all to be the church. Wait, what? “Be” the church? Is that what I said? Yes, I said what I said. You are the church. You don’t need to go to a church building, nor do you need to organize a home church (which is still a church). Jesus said we would B-E the church. The Body of Christ is also the church of Christ. That’s us- all of us; you, you, you, and… Read more

June 7, 2019

I don’t know about you, but when I am introduced to a new concept, philosophy, or even a simple idea, I take hold of it and attempt to reevaluate myself and my life based on the prescriptions and ideas of what I have discovered. However, as much fun as it is to implement new behaviors and beliefs; I am cautious to not let it become a doctrine that I cannot break free from. Sushi I like buffets. I like the… Read more

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