Flat-Earthers July 8, 2017

A friend told me a while back that members of his family–people I know–have become flat-earthers. And just yesterday I saw a story in the Denver Post newspaper about groups of flat-earthers who meet regularly. Contrary to what the Denver Post headline says however, the flat-earthers are not being persecuted, merely ridiculed (and, I think, the belief in a flat earth in the 21st century is worthy of a certain degree of ridicule).

What fascinates me most about this is the underlying social trends and psychology that makes some folks so anti-intellectual and anti-science that they will embrace the most extreme and implausible conspiracy theories and willfully reject the copious evidence against such conspiracies. Why does convincing themselves that millions of scientists, engineers, airplane pilots, astronauts, cartographers, politicians, etc.–all over the world–are actively conspiring to mislead them make them feel better about their lives?

I worked with a guy many years ago who was totally into biblical prophecy about the End Times. His cubicle was festooned with Clarence Larkin charts and Hal Lindsey books and timelines and newspaper clippings. It was his favorite topic of discussion; he came alive, his eyes ablaze with conviction, and he could go on and on about it for hours, making his case for the imminent pre-tribulation rapture and the identity of the anti-Christ and the stones already being quarried for the new temple in Jerusalem and the breeding of red heifers for sacrifice and the development of microchips for insertion into our hands and foreheads. I think it offered him a sense of fascination and distraction from an otherwise mundane life; being among the relative few who knew what was *really* going on.

I suppose we can all get carried away to some degree with our hobbies and interests and whatnot, but usually not to the point of a consuming fascination that warps our perception of the world and causes us to abandon common sense and adopt a cynical view about our fellow human beings.

I think climate change denial is cut from the same cloth as flat-earthism (from what I gather, flat-earthers are generally also climate change deniers as well as, of course, moon landing deniers) but it’s understandable that there is a lag among some in accepting climate change given that the (overwhelming) scientific consensus about human-caused climate change is relatively recent and has been politicized. Scientific observations about the spherical shape of the earth, on the other hand, have been around for thousands of years.

More info:
BBC article: Do they really think the earth is flat?http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7540427.stm
Popular Science article: 10 Easy Ways You Can Tell For Yourself That The Earth Is Not Flathttp://www.popsci.com/10-ways-you-can-prove-earth-is-round

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  • Bravos22

    WOW…that article is chock full of judgemental and ignorant assumptions. Here’s a tip, next time you write an article RESEARCH the topic before writing about it. The flat earth movement has nothing to do with feeling special. It’s about truth. Millions of people are waking up to the deception and finding the truth. People like you are too arrogant and blinded by the deception to see it. You never will. You’re programming of fake knowledge makes you feel smart, privileged and enlightened. Pride in defending your beliefs wrote this article for you having no problem whatsoever with doing zero research. Condemnation without investigation is the ultimate ignorance.

    • Jennny

      Dear Bravo22,
      Here is my granny’s favourite piece of wisdom.
      ‘Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of pleasures, costs nothing and conveys much’. Erastus Wiman.

    • Daniel P. Coleman

      Thank you Bravos22. You’ve done a nice job of illustrating my point. ;^)

      • Bravos22

        Your point is moot. You know nothing on the topic. You refuse to investigate it. You CHOOSE to remain ignorant. You’re not a journalist. You’re a sheep who pushes drivel and a B.S. agenda. You’re just a pawn that complies with his master’s unaware of the reality that is being hidden from him. I’m interested in TRUTH and exposing lies. You aren’t. You want to push the status quo, perpetuate the lies and suppress the truth. EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what any honest jounalist should do. You’re afraid to look into it for fear of being mocked. I’m not. I’d rather know the truth and be mocked than live a lie in comfort.

        • Daniel P. Coleman

          Bless your heart. :^)

          • adders

            If you have nothing to fear they why not totally disprove theae flat earthers with some of YOUR OWN research. That should be really simple shouldn’t it?

          • Bravos22

            He can’t. He’s too busy blessing peoples hearts. Didn’t you know he’s a great and powerful journalist? He parrots all the mainstream science he can get his hands on. It’s true if his sources are the undeniable sector of the almighty science. He said it himself in the article. The science is overwhelming and undeniable. You can not deny it if it’s overwhelming!

          • FluffyGhostKitten

            You do know what ‘bless your heart’ means, don’t you? It’s code for ‘you’re an idiot, but I’m too well-mannered to say so directly’. Bless your heart.

          • Bravos22

            Thanks I had NO IDEA that condescending know-it-alls talk down to people using that expression.

          • adders

            All the condesension in the world does not change the phisics. We live upon a flat plane. We have been lied to are whole lives. I feel cheated and annoyed, I have done my own research not too much but enough to know it is flat.
            What this means is beyond imagination. Every thing in a huge nasty evil lie. Most folk cannot accept this as their world will be destroyed.

          • Bravos22

            The physics is the problem. You accept what you’re told about it. Explaining the physics and proving them to be true are 2 different things. The latter being something you cannot do. Examples: 1)Gravity cannot and has not been proven. 2) a vacuum (outer space) which is a negative pressure system cannot exist next to a positive pressure system (earths atmosphere) without a physical barrier separating them. 3) resting water ALWAYS remains and find its level. 4) earths rotation and revolution has never ever been detected or proven. 5) earths curve has never been measured or observed.

            These are just a few examples of the problem with the physics/math we are told pertaining to our “planet”.

          • We must have very different definitions of “never” and “always.”

          • Bravos22

            No we have different views on what we accept as truth. I’m not afraid to challenge what we are told is the truth. People are like that. It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

          • Dave

            Bravo, the only thing I can say is try not to forget how crazy flat earth sounds at first to people. I don’t believe official stories of 911, kennedy, moon landind, and when I first heard flat earth I laughed. It pretty much unimaginable, ESPECIALLY, if you have never questioned things before. With that said, once I actually looked at evidence for a flat warth, It took only hours before I was seriously questioning ball earth. It’s still hard for me to accept, but demo the facts, IT’S FLAT.

    • jekylldoc

      POE alert.

    • Bert’s Bells

      Can you research the ends of the flat earth for us and come back with a photo?


      • It’ll probably be another artist’s impression, I’m afraid…

      • John Smithy
        • Bert’s Bells

          How come no one has taken that picture yet?

          How can something be flat and not have an edge?

          Does it span into infinity?

          Would that mean there are infinite tiny suns hovering equidistant from one another at three thousand feet thus constantly passing into the infinite horizon while accounting for 24 hours of time zones?

          Please go to Antarctica and report.

          Speaking of Antarctica what about magnetic poles in your flat earth? How would GPS work if satellites can’t orbit? I want to believe!

          • Bravos22

            At least you’re open to it. Most people are too brainwashed to even consider it. They accept the reality in which they are presented without question and get upset if asked to do so. What exactly do you need a picture of and what for? Pictures are all you need to believe in something? Don’t you think people in power know that? They’ve been showing us pictures of a ball for 50 years and everyone buys it. But how does anyone know that they’re real? Google pictures of earth and compare them. They’re all different. Colors are different and land masses change size. They’re all admitted composites. Not 1 actual picture of earth in it’s entirety exists. Even if 1 did, how would you know it’s authentic? As for your edge picture, look up the Antarctic ice wall. You’ll find tons of pictures. What’s beyond that and how far until you get to a barrier is anyone’s guess. My personal guess is there’s a dome firmament thousands of miles past the wall but it’s too hard to get to. It’s probably completely dark and a hundred degrees below zero. Who’s gonna go take a picture of when facing the possibility of that?

            Time zones only require 1 sun. Both in the heliocentric and flat model. Not sure why you think there’d be infinite tiny suns. Look up the flat earth model and how sunrise and sunset works with perspective and scale. https://youtu.be/hiOhsKAR6OY

            There’s only 1 magnetic pole. The north pole. There’s no magnetic south pole. All compasses point north. Find a magnetic south pointing compass and you’ll be the first in history to do so.

            GPS has been ground based since it’s inception in the early 1970’s. If you don’t believe me try and find any commercial airline flight on any gps tracking website that show an airplane over any ocean in the southern hemisphere. If we had satellites in orbit this wouldn’t be a problem. There are thousands of flights over oceans in the northern hemisphere but never any tracked in the south.
            Theres flightaware.com flightradar24.com flightview.com planefinder.net flightstats.com
            Take your pick or find one on your own. Test them all. They’re all the same.

  • Jennny

    When the Flat Earth Society was discussed on another Patheos blog, someone commented that they had genuinely seen a tweet that said something like, ‘don’t mock us, (flat-earthers) we have supporters from all around the globe’.

    • Daniel P. Coleman


  • Jon-Michael Ivey

    Flat-Earthers are more common now than they have been for over 2000 years.

    Lactantius, an adviser to Emperor Constantine, did believe in a Flat Earth; we know this because most of his contemporaries mocked him for it, or at best argued that him being wrong on that was not enough to condemn his as a heretic.

  • Clayton Gafne Jaymes

    There is no such thing as a ‘Buddhist-Christian’. Don’t wait to be standing in front of Jesus for hi to tell you this. Because by that time it will be too late for you to change the ‘Buddhist’ part. And the ‘Christian’ part won’t belong toyou since you denied in in truth for so long.

    ‘Consensus science’ isn’t science.

    Did you see that court ruling that came out against MichaelMann? The one who made that ‘hockey stick’ chart on ‘global warming’ over time? You know they say that ‘scientist’ never showed anyone the information/data he used to make this apparent fake chart of ‘global warming’ that so many ppl have or had been using for years? I think it was also used in Al Gore’s movie.

    Then there is the whole ‘agenda 21’ issue that is using the lie of Global warming (m made climate change) in order to bring ‘change’ to the world.

    • Dorfl

      You know they say […]

      Who are ‘they’, and what is their source?

  • Donald Moeser

    I can’t believe I’m reading this.