Martine Batchelor Discusses Buddhist Ethics on The Middle Way Society Podcast

Martine Batchelor Discusses Buddhist Ethics on The Middle Way Society Podcast June 20, 2014

Buddhist teacher and author Martine Batchelor appeared on the most recent episode of The Middle Way Society Podcast to discuss Buddhist ethics. At their YouTube Channel, The Middle Way Society describes the episode this way:

In this episode, Martine Batchelor, a Buddhist teacher and author, talks about ethics from a Buddhist perspective and to what extent it differs from more rule-based ethical positions. We also explore such topics as absolutism versus relativism, karma, “engaged” Buddhism, the precept of non-harming, laying people off, prisons, and her understanding of the Middle Way.

You can watch it here, or below.

Batchelor is a former Jogye Buddhist nun at South Korea’s Songgwangsa monastery, where she was a longtime student of Master Kusan Sunim. From 1981 to 1985, Batchelor even served as his French and English interpreter during his lecture tours in Europe and the United States. She has since re-entered lay life and is now married to fellow dharma teacher Stephen Batchelor.

In addition to translating Kusan Sunim’s The Way of Zen into English, Batchelor is the author of Meditation for LifeLet Go:  A Buddhist Guide to Breaking FreePrinciples of Zen: The Only Introduction You’ll Ever NeedWomen On The Buddhist PathThe Spirit of the BuddhaThe Path of Compassion: The Bodhisattva PreceptsZenWalking On Lotus Flowers: Buddhist Women Living, Loving and Meditating,Way of ZenBuddhism and Ecology (with Kerry Brown), and Women in Korean Zen: Lives and Practices.

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