Nick Kristof’s Video Report on the Rohingya (and Other Burma Items)

Nick Kristof’s Video Report on the Rohingya (and Other Burma Items) June 20, 2014

“In a remote village in Myanmar where Rohingya live, a teacher who spoke a bit of English gave Nicholas Kristof a letter to share with the world to help explain the suffering of his people.” Image by Adam Ellick for The New York Times.

Nick Kristof, who, as we previously mentioned, recently visited Burma and has devoted a lot of column and blog space to the trip. This week, he released a special video report from the trip on the New York Times‘ YouTube Channel, which they describe this way:

Nick Kristof travels to Myanmar, where the Buddhist majority confines a million Muslims to camps and villages — deprived of jobs, schools, doctors, and even life itself. Why is the world silent?

You can watch the video here, or below.

In addition to the video report and all his other pieces, Kristof recently responded to reader questions about the situation at the Times, and those responses are well worth a read too — take a look here.

While we’re on the subject of Burma, two other stories are worth noting…

First, The Irrawaddy reports that “the parliamentary committee guiding Burma’s constitutional amendment process has voted not to endorse changes to a controversial article that bars opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from the presidency.” Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy Party, though, remains hopeful.

Second, the U.S. Campaign for Burma has joined with over eighty other organizations to “call on the Government of Burma/Myanmar to scrap proposed legislation that would unlawfully restrict the right to freely choose a religion. If adopted, this law would violate fundamental human rights and could lead to further violence against Muslims and other religious minorities in the country.” Read their full statement here.

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