My Breakfast Featured on Academic Breakfast!

My Breakfast Featured on Academic Breakfast! June 23, 2014

I’m pleased to share the news that my breakfast has been featured on Academic Breakfast, and you can see it here.

What is Academic Breakfast, you ask? Oh, I’m so glad you did. This article from Inside Higher Ed will introduce you. Here’s the bit:

The website invites academics to post a photograph of their breakfast, and to answer six quick questions: where they live, their institution, their job, their research in five words, their breakfast in five words, and their food philosophy in 10 words…

Lucas Crawford, the Ruth Wynn Woodward Lecturer in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, is behind the new project, which is part of Fat Matters, a broader exploration at the university of food and related issues. The site debuted in last April, originally attracting local submissions, but now is receiving breakfast photographs from academics in the United States, Australia, Britain, Chile, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

On the site, Crawford outlines six reasons for the project:

  • To remind ourselves that eating is a public matter.
  • To see how food habits may differ across rank, region, nation and gender.
  • To test our hypotheses about social class, precarious work and food access.
  • To demystify academia by entering its intimate spaces and nourishing scenes.
  • To remember that academics are bodies.
  • To produce an alternative aesthetic representation of academic life.

Again, you can see what I’m eating for breakfast here.

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