April 14, 2024

  On several occasions over the past few years, in various venues — see here, for example — I’ve published a list of four books that I recommend as a kind of “basic  packet” or “starter kit” for people struggling with their testimonies, and I’ve explained that I think it important to preemptively strengthen faith as well as to defensively fend off attacks, criticisms, or doubts. Let me explain a little bit of what I have in mind: Suppose that,... Read more

April 13, 2024

  This entry was newly posted today on the blog of the Interpreter Foundation:  “Hearing the Voice of the Lord in the Mind: Additional Testimonies” (Part Seven of a Series Compiled by Dennis B. Horne): See the Introductory blog (#1) for explanation about this series on hearing the voice of the Lord in the mind. The below are additional accounts shared by those who have experienced this spiritual gift and have thereby been able to bless and enlighten others. Most... Read more

April 12, 2024

  Two new articles went up today on the moribund and perpetually static website of the Interpreter Foundation: ““Our Great God Has in Goodness Sent These”: Notes on the Goodness of God, the Didactic Good of Nephi’s Small Plates, and Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s Renaming,” written by Matthew L. Bowen and Pedro Olavarria Abstract: Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s speech (Alma 24:7–16) reveals multiple allusions to significant texts in Nephi’s small plates record. Thus, when he declares “I thank my God, my beloved people, that our great... Read more

April 11, 2024

  This just went up on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:  “Hugh Nibley Observed: Nibley and the Environment,” written and presented by Terry Ball: “I am honored to participate in this lecture series remembering the studies, life, and legacy of Professor Hugh Nibley. I did not have the privilege of personally knowing Professor Nibley. He retired before I joined the faculty at BYU, but I do happen to have two stories to contribute to the corpus of Nibley lore—both... Read more

April 10, 2024

  I want to share a few more passages that I marked during my recent reading of Amy Tanner Thiriot, Slavery in Zion: A Documentary and Genealogical History of Black Lives and Black Servitude in Utah Territory, 1847-1862 (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2022). It seems that the Saints in Utah were, by and large, unsympathetic to slavery The presence of the enslaved in the Latter-day Saint settlements had caused discussion and dissent, but only fragments of the... Read more

April 9, 2024

  Some while ago, I read William J. Peters, At Heaven’s Door: What Shared Journeys to the Afterlife Teach About Dying Well and Living Better (New York and London: Simon and Schuster, 2022), written with Michael Kinsella. A practicing grief and bereavement therapist, William Peters holds degrees from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and the University of California at Berkeley.  He is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project and director of its Research Initiative.  Michael Kinsella earned a Ph.D.... Read more

April 8, 2024

  For one of the monthly reading groups to which we belong, we read Amy Tanner Thiriot, Slavery in Zion: A Documentary and Genealogical History of Black Lives and Black Servitude in Utah Territory, 1847-1862 (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2022).  Her biography on the back cover of the book identifies Sister Thiriot as “an independent historian and adjunct university instructor in the BYU-Idaho Family History Research program.” Our discussion was on Sunday night.  The book is not... Read more

April 7, 2024

  Like many of you, I expect, I was powerfully struck by the remarks of President Jeffrey R. Holland in the Saturday morning session of the just completed General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And, given my own peculiar personal interests, I found this passage from it of particular note: Another experience began 48 hours after my wife’s burial [in late July 2023]. At that time, I was rushed to the hospital in an acute... Read more

April 6, 2024

  I expect that I am not the only person today who was impressed by the powerful and remarkable testimony of President Jeffrey R. Holland.  I’m so very grateful that he is still with us. There was also a passage in President Henry B. Eyring’s remarks in the morning session that really hit me.  I’ll have something more to say about it later. Some like to complain about what they see (or claim to see) as the shallowness of the... Read more

April 5, 2024

  An article written by . . . well, written by me has just appeared in Meridian Magazine:  “An Important Lesson in Getting the Most Out of Conference.”  So far, the general consensus — based on a survey of me and my very kind and longsuffering wife — is that it may not be altogether the worst thing ever written on the topic.  (If you disagree, please keep your disagreement to yourself.  I’m rather fragile these days, what with Barbie... Read more

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