April 20, 2024

  This passage from somewhere came across my radar screen earlier today, and I think it worthy of sharing: “I asked an elderly woman once what it was like to be old and to know that the majority of her life was now behind her. She told me that she has been the same age her entire life. She said the voice inside of her head had never aged. She has always just been the same girl. Her mother’s daughter.... Read more

April 19, 2024

  “The Unwritten Debates in Moroni1’s Letter,” written by Morgan Deane Abstract: Moroni1’s letter in Alma 60 is not simply an angry and intemperate screed against the government; it also responds to arguments about just tactics (what modern readers would call ethics) taking place among Nephite leaders at this time. Moroni1’s letter argues for his preferred strategies of active defense and ambush, while interpreting defeat as a failure of leaders. His rhetorical strategy is particularly noteworthy for associating his Nephite... Read more

April 18, 2024

  Scott Gordon sent me a link yesterday to the video of a talk that I gave nearly a quarter of a century ago:  “The Divine Source of the Book of Mormon in the Face of Alternative Theories Advocated by LDS Critics,” presented by Daniel C. Peterson at the 2001 FAIR Conference Scott’s discovery is reminiscent of the archaeological retrieval of an ancient ruin or the uncovering of a long-lost time capsule:  To put the antiquity of these remarks into... Read more

April 17, 2024

  The rear passenger-side door in our luxurious brand-new minivan — just under 275,000 miles on the odometer! — stopped opening, locking, and unlocking reliably, and we’ve had to go get that fixed.  For the second time in the past several weeks.  Just in time, as it happens, since our garage door just fell shut and we can’t get the car out onto the driveway until the repairman comes.  Which is probably for the best since, owing to our ever-declining... Read more

April 16, 2024

  Newly posted on the never-changing website of the Interpreter Foundation: The Book of Mormon in Context Lesson 17: “Filled with Love towards God and All Men” (Mosiah 1-3) On the evening of Sunday, 31 March 2024, Martin Tanner and Terry Hutchinson discussed Book of Mormon lesson 17, “Filled with Love towards God and All Men,” covering Mosiah 1-3, during the. Come, Follow Me segment of the Interpreter Radio Show. Their conversation was recorded and, having been freed of commercial... Read more

April 15, 2024

  “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.”  (William F. Buckley, Jr.) I was powerfully reminded of that famous early quotation from the late William F. Buckley while reading the following two articles: Deseret News:  “What the U.K.’s explosive Cass Review means for gender medicine in the U.S.: The report is a gauntlet thrown down... Read more

April 14, 2024

  On several occasions over the past few years, in various venues — see here, for example — I’ve published a list of four books that I recommend as a kind of “basic  packet” or “starter kit” for people struggling with their testimonies, and I’ve explained that I think it important to preemptively strengthen faith as well as to defensively fend off attacks, criticisms, or doubts. Let me explain a little bit of what I have in mind: Suppose that,... Read more

April 13, 2024

  This entry was newly posted today on the blog of the Interpreter Foundation:  “Hearing the Voice of the Lord in the Mind: Additional Testimonies” (Part Seven of a Series Compiled by Dennis B. Horne): See the Introductory blog (#1) for explanation about this series on hearing the voice of the Lord in the mind. The below are additional accounts shared by those who have experienced this spiritual gift and have thereby been able to bless and enlighten others. Most... Read more

April 12, 2024

  Two new articles went up today on the moribund and perpetually static website of the Interpreter Foundation: ““Our Great God Has in Goodness Sent These”: Notes on the Goodness of God, the Didactic Good of Nephi’s Small Plates, and Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s Renaming,” written by Matthew L. Bowen and Pedro Olavarria Abstract: Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s speech (Alma 24:7–16) reveals multiple allusions to significant texts in Nephi’s small plates record. Thus, when he declares “I thank my God, my beloved people, that our great... Read more

April 11, 2024

  This just went up on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:  “Hugh Nibley Observed: Nibley and the Environment,” written and presented by Terry Ball: “I am honored to participate in this lecture series remembering the studies, life, and legacy of Professor Hugh Nibley. I did not have the privilege of personally knowing Professor Nibley. He retired before I joined the faculty at BYU, but I do happen to have two stories to contribute to the corpus of Nibley lore—both... Read more

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