Catching up on the day-by-day

Catching up on the day-by-day May 20, 2017


Rouen by night
Rouen and its cathedral (Wikimedia CC)


On our first full day in France, we drove from Paris to Normandy.  It’s a bit of a long drive and, alas, we got a late start owing to some trouble with the rental car.  So we had to skip going to Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny.  It’s a favorite spot for my wife, and I’ve never been there.  So both of us were disappointed.  But we did spend a fair amount of time in Rouen, especially visiting the cathedral (painted so often by Monet) and walking over to the modern church dedicated to St. Joan of Arc (and built on the spot where she was burned).


Hers is a remarkable story.  I think I’ll do a column about her sometime.  (Although, for the foreseeable future, the Hamblin/Peterson column will be emphasizing Luther and the Reformation pretty frequently, I think.  It being the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting his ninety-five theses in Wittenberg.)


Posted from Carendan, Normany, France



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