If someone shares this tale with you, please don’t pass it on.

If someone shares this tale with you, please don’t pass it on. July 4, 2017


An old image of the attack on Fort McHenry
The caption reads “A VIEW of the BOMBARDMENT of Fort McHenry, near Baltimore, by the British fleet taken from the Observatory under the Command of Admirals Cochrane & Cockburn on the morning of the 13th of Sept 1814 which lasted 24 hours & thrown from 1500 to 1800 shells in the Night attempted to land by forcing a passage up the ferry branch but were repulsed with great loss.”  (Wikimedia Commons public domain)



If someone shares this tale with you — I’m informed that it’s become quite popular in some circles — please don’t pass it on.


Except, perhaps, as an illustration of sloppy and inaccurate historical claims:


“Star-spangled voodoo history”


Thanks to Kevin Taylor for alerting me to this item.



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