Angels in the sky above San Diego County

Angels in the sky above San Diego County July 9, 2018


Southern California's second LDS temple
The San Diego California Temple on a cold winter’s day, or perhaps a hot summer day, or maybe a brisk spring or fall day ( We drove right by this building a few hours ago, heading southward on I-5. A gilded statue of an angel holding a trumpet stands atop the eastern spire. Curiously, he’s not the only gilded angel holding a trumpet atop a building in San Diego County.


So it’s Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  I confess that I was beginning to hope for Amy Coney Barrett, but Kavanaugh will, I’m sure, be a superb Justice.  I’m pleased.




Just back from Hob Nob Hill, where we had dinner with friends.  (Amazingly, notwithstanding my richly deserved reputation for perpetually seething rage and mean spiritedness, I do somehow still have friends.)  I enjoyed the food, but I particularly appreciated “Melissa,” who, my wife and I agree, has to have been one of the best servers, waiters, or — can we still use this word? — waitresses that we’ve ever encountered.  She was exceptionally friendly, personable, and helpful.




Walking back from the restaurant, I was looking forward to seeing “The Abbey” again, on the corner of Fifth and Olive.  The photographs below, taken just a few minuts ago by my wife, will show you why I find it so intriguing:


Angel Gabriel?
“The Abbey,” shown (I think) from the south southwest.


The Abbey, again
A slightly closer-up view of “The Abbey”




The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has undertaken a significant effort to combat suicide.  Here’s another part of it:


“Why We Need to Talk About Suicide”




“Houston Astros Thank Mormon Helping Hands for Service during Hurricane Harvey”




Are you aware of the Latter-day Saint presidential candidate in the west African Republic of Mali?




From the Interpreter Foundation:


“Matthew Bowen, Name as Key-Word Available for Preorder”


“‘Why Does “Holiness To the Lord’ Appear on LDS Temples?  An Old Testament KnoWhy[1] relating to the reading assignment for Gospel Doctrine Lesson 26: King Solomon: Man of Wisdom, Man of Foolishness (1 Kings 3; 5-11) (JBOTL26A)




It’s coming up shortly, on 1-3 August 2018:


“Join Us for the FairMormon Conference 20th Anniversary!”




Here’s a short item that I wrote for the Church’s website a number of years ago.  I happened to stumble across it again recently, and I was pleased with it:


“Everyone Else Makes Such Lonely Heavens”




Two items from the invaluable Robert Boylan:


“Contingent Foreknowledge and the Open Future in 3 Nephi 17”



Posted from San Diego, California



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