LDS Church News, Mostly (But Not Quite Entirely)

LDS Church News, Mostly (But Not Quite Entirely) July 7, 2018


Crystal Cove from the air
An aerial view of nearby Crystal Cove   (Wikimedia CC public domain photo).


The most recent iteration of the bi-weekly Hamblin/Peterson column in the Deseret News has appeared.  Reading it has not yet been certified unhealthy:


“The last Jewish high priest”




A new curricular development in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I look forward to seeing these materials:


“LDS Church to release ‘Come, Follow Me’ curriculum in 2019 for home, Primary and adults”




Here’s a nice story of a Chinese atheist who converted to Mormonism and then became a missionary:


“Mormon missionary spreads ‘light'”




From my friend Brent Top, who recently stepped down as dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University:


“Life After Death: 6 Insights into the Spirit World”




Does this omnipresent Book of Mormon phrase have any actual ancient background?  Or was it just a personal tic of that cunning conman Joe Smith?


‘And it came to pass’ in Middle Egyptian”




Latter-day Saint news from Europe:


“Elder Uchtdorf Visits German Chancellor in Berlin: Helping ‘one’s fellow man in need’ discussed during meeting”


“Elder Holland presents ‘David O. McKay Stone’ to Scottish Museum: Artefact has become part of Scotland’s rich religious heritage”


Incidentally, Stephen Kerr, the member of Parliament for Stirling who is mentioned in the article just above, is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — indeed, a former Area Authority Seventy.




Out of Australia:


“Why does the Mormon Church want state records? And what do they do with them?”


From back in 2014:


“Mormons Digitise Ancestral Records and Save Victorians Millions”




This is very, very important.  In some cases, in fact, it may be urgently so:


“Reach Out in Love to Those Considering Suicide, Elder Renlund Says: Apostle’s comments part of new series of suicide prevention videos”


See also this website:


“Suicide Prevention and Ministering: Understanding and Healing from the Pain of Suicide”




Published in a non-LDS venue outside of Utah:


“In Utah, Rare Lessons in Pluralism”


I’m pleased that the article specifically discusses a panel that I chaired.


Here’s a non-LDS reaction to (and an endorsement of) the article:


“National Review offers in-depth look at BYU’s religious freedom and media conference”




There’s a nice book review in the New York Times by an atheist writer whom I’m scheduled to debate in Las Vegas shortly.  (The debate will be filmed by C-SPAN.)  Here are links, first to the review and, secondarily, to the conference at which the debate will take place:


Must Science Conflict With Spirituality?”


FreedomFest 2018




This is a question in which I’m profoundly interest but to which I’ve been unable, as yet, to give the systematic attention that I had hoped for:


“Are standard theories about the decline of religion in United States crumbling?”


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