More thoughts on the Kavanaugh case

More thoughts on the Kavanaugh case September 29, 2018


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With his permission, I share something that my friend and neighbor and, frequently, our amazingly generous helper with Interpreter Foundation technical needs Tom Pittman originally posted on Facebook:


I don’t know what happened between Kavanaugh and Ford, and neither do you.

Witnesses would be helpful, but there are none. 

In lieu of witnesses, an abundance of judges have stepped forward with verdicts that were pretty much decided years ago when they chose to affiliate with a political party. 

As someone who still mows his own lawn, washes his own car, and doesn’t outsource his thinking either…

I cannot condemn Ford for her accusation, for she could be telling the truth.

And I cannot condemn Kavanaugh for his anger about being accused, for he could be telling the truth. 

It is hard not to condemn America though, for your shallow, binary thinking; your lynch mob bloodlust; and your eagerness to manipulate for your cause. 

If you are wondering whose fault this Supreme Court circus is, look in the mirror. 

There are only two reasons why America is how it is today: Democrats and Republicans, for they are the only groups that have ever held power since 1856. 

=> If America had no parties, or more than two viable parties, then politicians would have to win on their own merits rather than merely vilify the only other alternative. Civility would matter once again. 

Discipleship to a political party does not make you right and the other side wrong, it makes you a pawn to be played by the two groups vying for power. 

We can all see what the problem is, however not enough of us can summon courage to vote in a way that fixes it. 

America may still the land of the free, but I am starting to wonder if we are still the home of the brave.




I also call attention to a piece by Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal:


“A vote against Kavanaugh is a vote for ambush tactics and against due process”




Incidentally, I’ve lately been reading mocking criticisms of Lindsay Graham and Brett Kavanaugh for their “white man anger.”


Of course, had Judge Kavanaugh not been angry, he would have been mocked and criticized for being robotic and inauthentic.  And I loved Senator Graham’s indignation.  But then, I suppose that I must be an angry white man, as well.


I’ll be candid:  I don’t see why it’s legitimate to drag gender and race into such things.  Doing so seems to me, frankly, both racist and sexist.  Imagine the outcry if one were to mockingly criticize Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), she who demands that men shut up and “believe women” without question, as exhibiting “Asian woman anger.”  Or if one were to dismiss Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Senator Cory Spartacus Booker (D-Ancient Thrace) as manifesting, respectively, “Black Woman Anger” or “Black Man Anger.”  It would be deafening, and probably with justice.


Since when did it become a matter of shame to be a white male?  And how is it any better to mock, deride, and dismiss white men than it would be to mock, deride, and dismiss black women, or Asian men, or men or women of any other ethnicity?


Anyway, just for the record, neither Tom Pittman nor Kimberly Strassel is showing “white man anger” in the comments above.  Trust me on this.


Posted from Park City, Utah



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