Of Europan spiky ice spires and related matters

Of Europan spiky ice spires and related matters October 8, 2018


Jupiter, from Europa
A NASA/ESA artist’s conception of a water-vapor plume on the Jovian moon Europa, with the planet Jupiter itself in the background.


My recent debate adversary, Dr. Michael Shermer, has a useful piece in the October issue of Scientific American:


“Why Do People Kill Themselves?  Why do people die by suicide?”




This coming Friday, 12 October 2018, there will be a planetarium show at BYU under the title of “October Sky and Our Creator’s Cosmos.”


It will be presented at 7 PM and then, again, at 8 PM.


“October Sky and Our Creator’s Cosmos” is open to the general public.  I’m not sure that I can make it, but I intend to try.




In other science news:


“Millions of Americans take vitamin D. Most should just stop.  Outside of rare cases, rigorous studies of the supplement don’t find any health benefit.”


“Spiky ice spires may stud the equator of Jupiter’s moon Europa: The tall structures could make it hard for probes to land along the Jovian moon’s equator”


This article is more generally interesting, even politically relevant, than its title might suggest at first glance:


“The Problem with Ice Age Overkill: A new study highlights a communication breakdown in sciences concerned with ice age extinction”




Dang.  I would have given my eyeteeth to have pulled this stunt off:


“The Grievance Studies Scandal: Five Academics Respond”




Just yesterday, somebody on the internet of whom I’ve never heard confidently and sneeringly observed that, as a certified religious fanatic and fundamentalist loon, I reject evolution.  When I gently replied with the question “I do?” he immediately suggested that nothing that I might say about my beliefs on the topic should be trusted.  I reject evolution, and that’s that.  No matter what I say or what I claim to believe.  I’m too dishonest to be permitted to speak for myself.


I wonder if the internet’s many crazy and unreasonable people are, on the whole, like that in real life, or whether they are able to control their crazy unreasonableness when they know that people who know them are watching.


Incidentally, for a recent specimen of my frequent emotional and angry denunciations of evolution, see this:


“Directed Evolution” and the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry




I believe God did intend, in giving us intelligence, to give us the opportunity to investigate and appreciate the wonders of His creation. He is not threatened by our scientific adventures.

Francis Collins M.D., Ph.D., former leader of the Human Genome Project and current director of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland



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