A deluge of notifications from 2012

A deluge of notifications from 2012 January 22, 2019


Interpreter HQ?
The Interpreter Foundation’s modest headquarters building in south Orem, Utah  (Wikimedia Commons public domain photo)


Some of you may have received a greater or lesser number of “notifications” from the Interpreter Foundation over the past day or two, including a few announcing the launch of new ventures including the term Mormon.


I myself received a flood of them yesterday afternoon.  Nearly thirty, in the space of ten minutes.  As I examined them in puzzlement, I noticed that they all contained announcements dating to 2012.  What happened is that some technical work was being done on our website, and that whatever was done somehow triggered the resending of a number of old email messages.  (It has been reliably suggested to me that this torrent of old emails resulted from some sort of distortion in the temporal vortex, perhaps a rent in the matrix of space and time.  In that case, we’ll just need to fix something in our TARDIS — reverse the polarity or something like that — and that should take care of the problem.)


Fear not.  We haven’t launched a campaign of public disobedience to President Russell M. Nelson on the subject of the term Mormon.  And, if you’re one of those affected by this little glitch, we don’t intend to bombard you with emails every twenty seconds for the rest of your life.


Of course, the truth may be that Interpreter is simply trying to go “retro.”  Back to 2012?  That’s nothing.  Just a small experiment, a dry run.  How about full-bore nineteenth-century?  Perhaps we’ll end up renaming the organization something like “Zion’s Cooperative Interpreter Foundation,” or “The Deseret Polysophical Interpreter Marching Foundation and Chowder Society.”  And then, instead of email notifications, you’ll be receiving telegrams.


At Chekhov's funeral
Leaders emerge to an expectant crowd from a very successful recent Interpreter Foundation meeting.   (Wikimedia Commons public domain image)


In the meantime, though, the Foundation continues to be quite productive, as you can see at a glance by scrolling down the front page of its principal website:




We are deeply grateful for all of the generous people who have made this possible by their gifts of time, money, and effort.




Did I already bring this to your attention?  Well, if I did, no matter:


“Elder Bednar and Elder Rasband Testify of Jesus Christ in Rome”




Appropriate for the day after Martin Luther King Day, although it would have been even more appropriate had I posted it on the holiday itself:


Big News in Newly Published Details About Elijah Able



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