“Top 20 Evils You’re Responsible For By Believing the Book of Mormon”

“Top 20 Evils You’re Responsible For By Believing the Book of Mormon” February 27, 2019


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It’s time that you folks out there who accept the authentic antiquity of the Book of Mormon frankly acknowledge your wickedness.  This may be strong medicine, but, someday, you’ll thank Steve Smoot for his brutal honesty:


“Top 20 Evils You’re Responsible For By Believing the Book of Mormon”


I have to admit that I was surprised to see the photo of me that accompanied Br’er Smoot’s article:  I make it a firm rule never to reveal my death-ray devil eyes except when there are no cameras present.


As my Malevolent Stalker has reluctantly pointed out on the basis of the fifteen years that he has devoted to meticulous daily examination of and commentary upon my life, I’m not merely the “banal,” “milquetoast” mediocrity that I pretend to be.  No, no.  I’m infinitely worse than that.  In reality and in essence, I’m a “bully” and a “punk” — “snide,” “dismissive,” “petty,” and “spiteful.”  And, as a couple of his long-time research associates suggest, I’m a “hater” who is always angry.  Moreover, in the Interpreter Foundation — as I did before at the pre-2012 FARMS and Maxwell Institute — I’ve managed to gather around me a group of “horrible people” who, like me, are both “vicious” and ‘unscrupulous.”


There is, however, good news in this, for at least some people.


Breaking Bad and The Sopranos and The Borgias are gone, but those of you who enjoyed them can still get your fill of criminals and crime families — at no charge! — via the Interpreter Foundation website:




Please look carefully through it.  And your money back if it doesn’t fully satisfy your hunger for pettiness, spite, viciousness, lack of scruples, snideness, hatred, bullying, dismissiveness, anger, and mean-spirited cruelty.


I call your attention, in particular, to the film about Robert Cundick that we produced:


A Sacred Service of Music


And to the film about the Witnesses to the Book of Mormon on which we’re currently working, and which, in advance of its completion, my Malevolent Stalker has pronounced “stupid”:






Incidentally, regarding the short “sizzle reel” video to be found at the website of the Witnesses project:  At least one person has complained that it features too many “talking heads.”  I agree, and I should have said something about that.


This film, or set of films, will be what we have been calling a “dramatic documentary.”  That is, yes, it will include “talking heads.”  We have already interviewed a number of scholars, LDS and non-LDS, and portions of those interviews will be included in the final film product(s).  We haven’t yet begun casting, let alone filming, the dramatized sequences.  (The dramatic portions of the current — temporary — video are from an earlier project done by the same crew that’s working on this one.)  So what we have now is disproportionately interview material.  The final product will not be so.


But I can confidently guarantee to you that the final product will be dismissed as “stupid” (and so forth) by my Malevolent Stalker and his small band of brothers.  Earth also goes around the Sun, and France is inhabited by French people.



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