It’s all “comprised within the Gospel”

It’s all “comprised within the Gospel” April 25, 2019


Brazil's seventh temple
The new Fortaleza Brazil Temple (LDS Media Library)


Here are a few items of temple-related news that you might have missed:


“Public Open House Begins for Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple”


“Open House Begins for Brazil’s Seventh Temple: 164th temple in the world”


“Memphis Tennessee Temple Opens Doors to the Public”


“Plans Unveiled for Salt Lake Temple Renovation: Details and project renderings have been released regarding the upcoming closure and renovation of the historic Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”


And the peripatetic Prophet continues to be out among the people:


“President and Sister Nelson Prepare for Pacific Ministry: Prophet joined by Elder and Sister Gong in seven stops”




You might enjoy this.  I think it was Anne Palmieri who brought it to my attention:


“If the Avengers Were Latter-day Saints”




He was a man who had received very little formal education, but he had a great deal to say on the subject of education, about which he was very enthusiastic.  He was also quite enthused about science:


Every art and science known and studied by the children of men is comprised within the Gospel. Where did the knowledge come from which has enabled man to accomplish such great achievements in science and mechanism within the last few years? We know that knowledge is from God, but why do they not acknowledge him? Because they are blind to their own interests, they do not see and understand things as they are. Who taught men to chain the lightning? Did man unaided of himself discover that? No, he received the knowledge from the Supreme Being. From him, too, has every art and science proceeded, although the credit is given to this individual, and that individual. But where did they get the knowledge from, have they it in and of themselves? No, they must acknowledge that, if they cannot make one spear of grass grow, nor one hair white or black [see Matthew 5:36] without artificial aid, they are dependent upon the Supreme Being just the same as the poor and the ignorant. Where have we received the knowledge to construct the labor-saving machinery for which the present age is remarkable? From Heaven. Where have we received our knowledge of astronomy, or the power to make glasses to penetrate the immensity of space? . . .  From [God] has every astronomer, artist and mechanician that ever lived on the earth obtained his knowledge.  (Discourses of Brigham Young, 246)



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