“The Māori Latter-day Saint Historical Narrative: Additions and Amendments”

“The Māori Latter-day Saint Historical Narrative: Additions and Amendments” May 18, 2019


The first temple in the South Pacific
The Hamilton New Zealand Temple (LDS.org photo) will shortly be joined by another temple in the major North Island city of Auckland


Professor Louis C. Midgley continues his celebration of all things Latter-day Saint and Māori with a review essay in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship on Selwyn Kātene, ed., By Their Fruits You Will Know Them: Early Maori Leaders in the Mormon Church, vol. 2 (Wellington, New Zealand: Steele Roberts Publishers, 2017). 295 pp. N.Z. $39.99 (hardback):


“The Māori Latter-day Saint Historical Narrative: Additions and Amendments”


Abstract: Selwyn Kātene has again assembled twelve essays written by the descendants of famous Māori Latter-day Saints. This volume flows from a revival of interest in the ground and content of the faith of early Māori Saints that began in the late 1990s. In various ways the essays in this volume add to and amend what has previously been known about what began unexpectedly on Christmas Day in 1882, when the first group of Māori joined the Church of Jesus Christ. Not only did the Māori have Seers who opened the way, some of those elite Māori men, who had been initiated into Māori esoteric knowledge of divine things, also found that their temple endowment fit rather snugly with their previous initiation ceremonies. Unlike other Christian missionaries, Latter-day Saint missionaries did not see the Māori as primitive heathens, and Māori saw in the restored gospel crucial elements of their own deeper understanding of divine things. Latter-day Saint missionaries were seeking to liberate Māori from the soul-destroying vices brought to them or enhanced by British colonization, while relishing the most noble elements in the Māori world.




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The Kona Hawaii Temple
On the grounds of Hawaii’s second temple, in Kona
(LDS Media Library)


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The new temple in Samoa
The Apia Samoa Temple   (LDS.org)
Curiously, despite its image in America today as an all-white religion, Mormonism has long been a significant presence in Polynesia.


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