Using media tools to commend and defend the claims of the Restoration

Using media tools to commend and defend the claims of the Restoration July 10, 2019


The Brox sisters listen to their radio
Eager fans of the Interpreter Foundation across the nation and around the world tune in on Sunday nights to hear tidings of goodness, truth, and beauty. But now they can also hear those same tidings throughout the week — and still at absolutely no charge!  We’re on the cutting edge of media and technology.  (Library of Congress public domain photograph)


The 7 July 2019 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show featured Neal Rappleye, Jasmin Rappleye, Spencer Marsh, Stephen Smoot, and Hales Swift, who held a conversation about such topics as the 4th of July, the physical nature of God, and Philistine DNA.  In the second hour of the broadcast, they discussed the upcoming Come, Follow Me lesson #29. You can now listen to a recording of the 7 July 2019 episode of the Interpreter Radio Show online, at your convenience, shorn of commercial interruptions:


Interpreter Radio Show — July 7, 2019


But perhaps you’re only interested in that discussion of Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 29, “The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel,” covering Acts 16-21.  That’s fine.  Featuring Neal Rappleye, Jasmin Rappleye, Spencer Marsh, Stephen Smoot, and Hales Swift, it has been extracted for your convenience as a freestanding item, online and at no charge:


Audio Roundtable: Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 29 “The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel”




And here’s another new item that’s now up on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


“The Power of Godliness,” with Jonathan Stapley




But what, you’re asking, about the Witnesses film project?  Where does it stand?  How is it coming?


Our fundraising has been quite successful.  We’ve raised most of the money that we budgeted for the basic project, and we’re still hoping for at least one major pledge to come through.


We’re currently scheduled to begin actual filming — first in eastern Canada and the United States and then in Utah — in September of this year.  Our goal is to release the film in Fall 2020, although we haven’t yet set a specific date and won’t do so for quite a while.


We hope, among other places, to show the film in theaters — including a formal premiere, presumably in Utah, to which donors and supporters will be invited.  Our aim is to get the feature film (for which I received the latest revised script just last night) and the accompanying documentary in front of as many eyes as possible, in hopes of raising awareness of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon.  In addition, we will also be creating an as-yet undetermined number of “snippets,” short films — averaging probably around 3.5 minutes in length — that will be made available at no charge on the Interpreter Foundation website.  They will provide a wealth of in-depth interviews and supporting material.  We’ll shortly launch fundraising for them.



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