Endless things to see and to do

Endless things to see and to do September 20, 2019


The house where the Frank family was hidden
The “Anne Frank House” at Prinsengracht 263, in Amsterdam
(Wikimedia Commons public domain image)


Last Monday afternoon, my wife and I attended a performance at the Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy of The Addams Family.  Although it’s not by any means my favorite play, I repeat, yet again, that the Hale theaters are a treasure for those who live along the Wasatch Front.  I hesitate to plug them much because, so far as I can see, their performances are always either full or very close to it.  So I’m not sure that my continual endorsements really do much good.  In fact, to the extent that heightened demand might someday make it harder for us to get tickets or, at least, to get the seats that we want, self-interest might counsel me to simply shut up.


My reports on the plays that we attend – and I sometimes forget altogether to mention them, so there are at least a few more on which I haven’t reported – have drawn derision in some predictable quarters.  Supposedly, I believe that the Church is true because I attend a lot of plays, or something like that.  Maybe the argument is really that, because I see a fair amount of theater I imagine myself to be a very sophisticated fellow, and that my claimed sophistication (in my mind, at least) lends special authority to my conviction that the claims of the Restoration are true.


Whatever.  I’ve never made any such argument and would never do so.


I just think that good theater and good films and good food and other such things make for a better life than one would have – all other things being equal – in the absence of good food, films, and theater.  That doesn’t even seem to me very controversial.


And, of course, there are a vast number of other things that make for good lives.  Too many things for any one individual ever to enjoy in a single lifetime or even many lifetimes.  (Hence one of the reasons to hope for immortality and eternal life.  There are so many good things to do, to see, to experience!)  There are songs to be heard (many of them not written yet), places to visit (and places for which just one visit can never be enough).  There are people – the most interesting things in the universe, so far as we’re aware – to meet and to get to know.  I cannot imagine growing tired of the sights and sounds and personalities that are out there.


Posted from Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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