Eight New Temples — So I’m Even MORE Frustrated!

Eight New Temples — So I’m Even MORE Frustrated! October 5, 2019


Payson Utah Temple
The still relatively new Payson Utah Temple is a very visible landmark at the south end of Utah Valley.


Tonight, in the women’s session of the 2019 semi-annual General Conference of the Church — and I think that the place and time of the announcement is not insignificant — President Russell M. Nelson announced new temples for


Bacolod, Philippines

Cobán, Guatemala

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea

Bentonville, Arkansas

McAllen, Texas

Taylorsville, Utah


And Orem, Utah!


I confess that that last one really caught me by surprise.


Moreover, a friend suggests an intriguing possible site in Orem, which really doesn’t have a lot of available open space left.  It turns out that there is a large tract of Church-owned land essentially within walking distance of my home, with an old and currently unused chapel sitting on just one portion of it.  That would be astonishing.  I mean, we’re also literally just around the corner from the site of Utah Valley University’s future art museum.  This is becoming a pretty cool neighborhood — and a temple wouldn’t exactly ruin it.




I once had the dream of doing an endowment session in every temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


And then the Church began its modern period of intensive temple-building.  I remember one day when President Gordon B. Hinckley and President Boyd K. Packer each dedicated a temple on the same morning.  I recall screaming out in frustration, “Stop!  I can’t keep up with this!”


More recently, my goal has been to attend a session in every temple in Utah.


Now I’m thinking that I may have to content myself with performing an endowment in every temple in Utah County.






This is a few days old, but some of you may still be craving more material to stuff into your already bulging Christopher Hitchen’s Memorial “How Religion Poisons Everything” File:


“Latter-day Saint Charities reaffirms commitment to U.N. World Food Programme as famine crises deepen”




From the indispensable Jeff Lindsay:


“The Book of Mormon’s Ties to the Northern Kingdom of Israel: New Research from Dr. Richley Crapo”




From Ireland’s Robert Boylan:


“Blake Ostler, Re-vision-ing the Mormon Concept of Deity”




I’m pleased to see this:


“LDS Church’s Young Women theme now to refer to ‘Heavenly Parents’”




A nice article from the Philadelphia Inquirer:


“Bryce Harper’s faith is ‘icing on the cake’ for Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Philly”




Finally, do any of you recognize “Master Skywalker” here?


Star Wars General Conference Parody Trailer”



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