“”Two science societies removed BYU job postings over the school’s Honor Code ban on ‘homosexual behavior'”

“”Two science societies removed BYU job postings over the school’s Honor Code ban on ‘homosexual behavior'” November 12, 2019


TWU campus in Fraser Valley, BC
Founded in 1957, Trinity Western University, which is located in British Columbia, is Canada’s largest independent Christian liberal arts college, with an enrollment of 3600.
Whether it will be permitted to survive in today’s Age of Tolerance is unclear to me.
(Wikimedia Commons public domain photograph.)


If I’m not mistaken, we were repeatedly reassured during the ultimate successful campaign for the redefinition of marriage that, once same-sex marriage had triumphed and become the law of the land, there would be no crackdown against people and institutions that adhered to the traditional view of marriage as a joining together of the two sexes, male and female.


In the end, marriage was in fact redefined by a one-vote majority on the Supreme Court of the United States, and now we’re living in the sequel.


Some of those issuing the reassurances may have been sincere.  In any case, they have proven to be worthless.


“Democrats’ 2020 surprise: Should churches that oppose same-sex marriage lose tax exemptions?”


Religious liberty is under general siege in certain powerful quarters these days, which puts some of us in a very, very uncomfortable position:


“Religious-Freedom Voters Will Vote Trump”


“Christians Face Clear Choice Between Party That’s A Hypocritical Mockery Of Their Faith And One That’s Openly Hostile To It”


Deseret News:  “In our opinion: Balancing First Amendment freedoms and LGBT rights must be the work of Congress”




Now, please consider this new development:


“Two science societies removed BYU job postings over the school’s Honor Code ban on ‘homosexual behavior'”


“Scientific groups remove BYU job posts over school’s LGBTQ policy: The posts required applicants to abide by Brigham Young University’s honor code, which includes a ban on homosexual behavior.”




I posted a very relevant little item here on this blog back on 22 June 2018:


Granted, it’s Canada.  But I find this recent decision of Canada’s Supreme Court troubling, and even a bit horrifying:


“Canada’s Supreme Court Rejects Country’s Only Christian Law School: Trinity Western University’s loss over its LGBT stance is seen as a blow to religious freedom.”


“Trinity Western loses fight for Christian law school as court rules limits on religious freedom ‘reasonable’: Supreme Court of Canada says 7-2 decision will ensure open access for LGBT students”


You can read Trinity Western University’s “Community Covenant Agreement” here:


“Community Covenant Agreement: Our Pledge to One Another”


In the relevant areas, TWU’s Community Covenant isn’t significantly different from Brigham Young University’s “Honor Code.”  (I actually prefer the title “Community Covenant,” myself.)  Is the fate of Trinity Western University’s proposed law school a harbinger of things to come in the United States?  I fear that it may be.



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