Some very good links for some very good reading

Some very good links for some very good reading January 18, 2020


Inside the Conference Center at Conference Time
In the Conference Center in Salt Lake City   (LDS Media Library)


On the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


Come, Follow Me — Study and Teaching Helps: Lesson 4, January 20-26: 1 Nephi 11-15


Audio Roundtable: Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Lesson 4 “Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God” : 1 Nephi 11-15

The Interpreter Radio Roundtable for Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Lesson 4, “Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God,” on 1 Nephi 11-15 involved only one participant, but a really good one — Martin Tanner. This discussion was extracted from the 29 December 2019 broadcast of Interpreter Radio. The complete 29 December 2019 show may be heard at


Teachings and Testimony of the First Vision:  An Amalgamation of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, followed by

A Doctrinal Summary of the First Vision from the Teachings of Apostles and Prophets: Part of a Series Compiled by Dennis B. Horne

Note: this narration is only of the prayer and vision, not other closely related matters. It contains descriptive material (not word-for-word) from the four main accounts originating with Joseph Smith. I put it together to show how they collectively enlarge our understanding by adding depth, breadth, and detail. One quickly understands why this vision is considered as foundational to the restoration of the gospel and the eventual establishment of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.




“Apply now to be in multicultural choir at ‘unique’ April 2020 general conference”




I’ve fallen badly behind on calling your attention to materials from the always worthwhile Jeff Lindsay.  So here are a few of his recent blog entries that are well worth your notice:


“No, We Are Not Decanonizing the Book of Abraham”


“New Video on a Few Evidences of Antiquity in the Book of Abraham: Kudos to Pearl of Great Price Central”


“A Breakthrough in Understanding the Book of Mormon: Don Bradley’s Brilliant Sleuthing on the Lost 116 Pages (or Lost 400 Pages!)”


“A Feast of Knowledge Awaits: New Field Work in the Arabian Peninsula Tells Us More About the Stunning Candidate Location for the River Laman and Valley of Lemuel”


Back and Forth with the Book of Abraham: Fascinating Circular Footnotes”


“More on the Meaning of the Kirtland Egyptian Papers: Recent Explorations Based on Comments at The Interpreter”


“Points to Consider in the Concocted “Egyptian” Characters in the KEP”


Is the Book of Abraham Translation Dependent on the Kirtland Egyptian Papers? Revisiting The Pearl of Greatest Price”


The Willard Richards Book of Abraham Manuscript 2: Live Dictation of Abraham 3 in 1842, or Copying Existing Text?”


“Some Sources for the Kirtland Egyptian Paper’s Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language, Part One”


“Some Sources for the Kirtland Egyptian Paper’s Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language, Part Two”




And now it’s time to present a few more candidates for inclusion in your personal Christopher Hitchens Memorial “How Religion Poisons Everything” File:


“How a BYU program is helping kids in Samoa stay heart healthy”


“How a spry octogenarian in Puerto Rico spent his 80th birthday serving others on his quake-weary island”


“Elder Vai Sikahema announces new BYU-Hawaii scholarships, details the importance of education”



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