“Scholarly Support for the Book of Abraham”

“Scholarly Support for the Book of Abraham” August 25, 2020


JS Papyrus IV
Joseph Smith Papyrus Fragment IV  (Wikimedia Commons public domain image)


New, on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


“Raising the Abrahamic Discourse: An Essay on the Nature of Dialogues About the Book of Abraham”, by Kerry Muhlestein


“Scholarly Support for the Book of Abraham,” compiled by the administration of the Interpreter Foundation


From Jonn Claybaugh:

Come, Follow Me — Study and Teaching Helps: Lesson 35, August 31-September 6, Helaman 13-16 — “Glad Tidings of Great Joy”


Audio Roundtable: Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Lesson 35 “Glad Tidings of Great Joy”: Helaman 13-16

The discussants for the 1 August 2020 Interpreter Radio Roundtable — on Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Lesson 35, “Glad Tidings of Great Joy,” about Helaman 13-16 — were Bruce Webster, Kris Frederickson and Mike Parker. This roundtable was extracted from the 1 August 2020 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show, all of the commercial and other interruptions having been surgically removed by our expert trained staff. The complete show may be heard at https://interpreterfoundation.org/interpreter-radio-show-august-1-2020/. The Interpreter Radio Show can be heard on Sunday evenings from 7 to 9 PM (MDT), on K-TALK, AM 1640, or you can listen live on the Internet at ktalkmedia.com.




Many, many years ago, I wrote a short little piece for the Ensign under the title of “News from Antiquity: Evidence supporting the book of Abraham continues to turn up in a wide variety of sources.”  It was something of a consensus statement, the product of input from a number of friends and colleagues, and I commend it to your attention if you can endure such viciousness and depravity.


For what it’s worth, I also have an article in the current issue of the Ensignnot on the Book of Abraham — that is entitled “The Book of Mormon and the Descent into Dissent.”




A superb basic starting point for the study of the Book of Abraham as an ancient text is An Introduction to the Book of Abraham, by John Gee:


When the Book of Abraham was first published to the world in 1842, it was published as a translation of some ancient records that have fallen into {Joseph Smith s} hands from the catacombs of Egypt, purporting to be the writings of Abraham while he was in Egypt, called The Book of Abraham, Written by his Own Hand, upon Papyrus. The resultant record was thus connected with the papyri once owned by Joseph Smith, though which papyrus of the four or five in his possession was never specified. Those papyri would likely interest only a few specialists except that they are bound up in a religious controversy. This controversy covers a number of interrelated issues, and an even greater number of theories have been put forward about these issues. Given the amount of information available, the various theories, and the variety of fields of study the subject requires, misunderstandings and misinformation often prevail. Introduction to the Book of Abraham makes reliable information accessible to the general reader.



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