Tales of the Coronavirus

Tales of the Coronavirus September 21, 2020


Salt Lake City in 1980.
The skyline has changed a fair amount since then, but the mountains haven’t, and I like to think that I’m the same unpleasant, arrogant, and hateful wretch that I’ve always been.
(Wikimedia Commons public domain photo)


16 September 2020:  “Utah health officials report 747 new COVID-19 cases — highest daily increase since July”


17 September 2020:  “Record 911 COVID-19 cases in one day a ‘wake-up call’ for Utah: Utah governor also calls spike ‘a red flag warning’”


18 September 2020:  “Utah topples daily record with 1,117 new COVID-19 cases: Governor calls high number ‘alarming’”


From the Deseret News“In our opinion: Utah’s COVID-19 surge is unacceptable: Humans tend to tire quickly. Pandemic fatigue sets in. But this is a long fight.”




“How two 20-somethings and their dance parties helped set back Utah’s pandemic progress”




“BYU–Idaho students have a ‘duty’ to battle COVID-19”


“How COVID-19 attacks the brain: Researchers are scrambling to understand just how COVID-19 impacts the brain, and what scientists can do to prevent long-term damage.”


“How COVID-19 can damage the brain: Some people who become ill with the coronavirus develop neurological symptoms. Scientists are struggling to understand why.”


“Lung cell images show how intense a coronavirus infection can be: Microscopic views reveal virus particles coating the hairlike cilia of an airway cell”


“Changing someone’s mind about COVID-19 might require people to do this: Want to stop people to stop have misconceptions about COVID-19? This trick might help”


While I’m on this general subject, I think that I’ll empty my files of materials from back in August that I marked for future use:


“Large proportion of COVID-19 cases could have heart damage after infection, cardiologist says”


“Poll: 41% of Utahns already comfortable without mask in public: Officials express concern with complacency ahead of school year”


From BYU:  “Health lobbyists swarming for COVID-19 funding, study finds: Fueled by big pharma, health sector spent big for COVID relief money”


“In a virtual funeral, joy comes in the mourning: In late July my father called to say my grandmother had tested positive for the coronavirus. Two weeks later, he called again.”


“2,500 evangelicals sign pandemic statement warning: Don’t ignore science”


Closely related:


“John MacArthur claimed there is ‘no pandemic.’ He was politicizing science, experts say”


“John MacArthur’s COVID-disbelieving church loses round 1”


“Judge grants injunction barring John MacArthur, Grace Community Church from meeting indoors”


“Christian musician Sean Feucht held defiant Seattle worship protest after concert was banned”


“Scientific American announces 1st-ever presidential endorsement in magazine’s 175-year history”


Fortunately, Big Pharma — one of the great creations of market capitalism — may yet save us from our own stupidity:


“Dr. Fauci: ‘We may be able to put this coronavirus outbreak behind us’ — but he says Americans must play a critical role: COVID-19 has now infected more than 30 million people worldwide”


“Fauci would bet on effective and safe coronavirus vaccine by November or December: ‘So you could get your answer sooner, or you can get your answer a bit later’ he said”



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