“Jesus’s Courtroom”

“Jesus’s Courtroom” September 21, 2020


The Interpreter Foundation’s printing facilities are state-of-the-art.
One might actually describe them as “cutting edge,” since this particular printing device doubles as a guillotine for heretics.

(I added that last part for the sake of some of my critics, who, if past experience is any guide, will immediately begin tut-tutting at my callous mean-spiritedness and reaching for their smelling salts.)
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A new article for Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship has gone up on the website of the Interpreter Foundation.  This one is by .


“Jesus’s Courtroom in John”

Abstract: John Gee gives us a sketch of the divine judgment as presented in the gospel of John. “In John’s gospel, the individual is the defendant; Jesus is the judge; the devil is the prosecuting attorney; and the Holy Ghost is the defense attorney.” Somewhat surprisingly, this model “fits more closely the Roman model of judgment than the Jewish one.” He concludes with a lesson for the reader: “Since all will have to stand before the judgment bar, all of us will need to heed the counsel of our defense attorney.”

[Editor’s Note: Part of our book chapter reprint series, this article is reprinted here as a service to the LDS community. Original pagination and page numbers have necessarily changed, otherwise the reprint has the same content as the original.

See John Gee, “Jesus’s Courtroom in John,” in “To Seek the Law of the Lord”: Essays in Honor of John W. Welch, ed. Paul Y. Hoskisson and Daniel C. Peterson (Orem, UT: The Interpreter Foundation, 2017), 135–50. Further information at]


Also new on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


Interpreter Radio Show — September 6, 2020

The discussants for the 6 September 2020 installment of the Interpreter Radio Show were Martin Tanner and Dan Peterson. In this episode, Dan Peterson discusses upcoming and ongoing Interpreter Foundation projects and publications. Due to unfortunate technical difficulties in the broadcast studio, the first hour “Come, Follow Me” roundtable was not fully recorded and has been deleted from this recording.  Which is genuinely sad because — trust me on this! — the scriptural discussion was almost certainly the most insightful and brilliant conversation that has ever occurred since the recovery of the Book of Mormon in the early nineteenth century.  Along with the scripture roundtable discussion, though, commercial and other such interruptions have also been removed.  So there’s that.


Interpreter Radio Show — September 13, 2020

The hosts for the 13 September 2020 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show were Terry Hutchinson, John Gee, and Kevin Christensen. In this episode, they discussed academic integrity and the remarkable story told in the book Veritas, by Ariel Sabar. The first portion of the show is a roundtable discussing the upcoming Come Follow Me lesson #41 (3 Nephi 27-4 Nephi).  This archived and recorded version of the show has been freed from commercial and other interruptions and is made available to you at no charge.



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