“It was . . . intensely interesting”

“It was . . . intensely interesting” October 10, 2020


Julia, Mark, and David
Mark Goodman, the director of the Interpreter Foundation’s forthcoming “Witnesses” theatrical film, is shown here standing on the set with the young David Whitmer and David’s wife, Julia Ann. (Still photograph by James Jordan.)


Newly posted on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


Book of Moses Essays #24: Enoch, the Prophet and Seer: The End of the Wicked and the Beginnings of Zion (Moses 7:12–18)




A passage from Edward L. Hart, Mormon in Motion: The Life and Journals of James H. Hart (1825-1906) in England, France, and America (Windsor Books, 1978):

An account of his interview with David Whitmer was sent by James H. Hart from New York to the Bear Lake Democrat on 29 August 1883:  “I spent one day in Richmond, Mo., and had an interesting interview with David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon.  He reiterated his testimony of the visitation of the Angel, and his presentation of the plates of brass and gold, and showing the engraving on said plates, and told it with an earnestness and with a bold assurance that was particularly interesting.  I have had no doubt for the last 35 years but that the witnesses saw and heard all they have testified.  It was, however, intensely interesting to hear this veteran of over seventy years, who has been retired from the Church since the fiendish persecutions by Missouri mobs in 1838.  It was, I say, intensely interesting, to hear him say ‘I saw the heavenly messenger, and I heard his voice, and he brought the plates and laid them before us, and showed us the engravings on them and commanded us to bear testimony to all the world, and our testimony is true.’  His son David was present, who seemed to sympathize and endorse every sentiment.  (217)




Discussion of the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States has been eclipsed just a bit by other news, including Donald Trump’s COVID-19 and the presidential and vice presidential debates.  But that nomination is still working its way through the process, and whether or not Judge Barrett is actually elevated to SCOTUS is a really, really momentous issue.  (For the record, I strongly support her confirmation.). So here are four links to religious discussions related to her:


“Brace for SCOTUS wars: Three big questions people keep asking about Amy Coney Barrett’s faith”


“A 40-year history of People of Praise that many journalists might like to know”


“There they go, there they go again: New York Times views #ACB through eyes of conservative women”


“Plug-in: Press handles religion differently in news coverage of Ginsburg and Barrett”


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