Serving the Cause by Getting the Shot, and Observing Hugh Nibley

Serving the Cause by Getting the Shot, and Observing Hugh Nibley April 1, 2021


Hugh Nibley Observed
The cover of a new Interpreter Foundation book


The ever-dying Interpreter Foundation has somehow managed to gasp out yet another book.  You can learn a little something about it and about its subject in this short entry on the Foundation’s blog, which is the first in a projected series of related blog posts:


“Who Was Hugh Nibley?: Announcing a New, Landmark Book, Hugh Nibley Observed




I want, again, to use this space to encourage all three of my readers to accept vaccination against the COVID-19 virus, if they have not already done so.  In this encouragement, I feel confident that I have the support of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve:


“Vaccinations ‘protect health and preserve life,’ Latter-day Saint handbook update says”


“This young Utah lawmaker almost died from COVID-19 — now he’s sharing his story: ‘‘This is real’: Rep. Jon Hawkins urges Utahns to recognize COVID-19’s physical, emotional toll”


“Christian nationalism is a barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19: Some who identify as Christian nationalists believe they will be protected from any disease.”


One of the lesser reasons that I hope people will be vaccinated is this:  I want movie theaters to open up to full capacity as soon as they can.  The Interpreter Foundation’s theatrical film, Witnesses, is slated to open on Thursday evening, 3 June 2021, and I want it to succeed.  I want it to reach as large an audience as it possibly can.  And that will surely require open theaters — the more open the better (consistent with public health and safety).


So please, please, get yourself vaccinated!  Help your community!  Help the Witnesses film project succeed!




And, speaking of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, here are two pieces from Book of Mormon Central that I think you’ll find interesting:


“Why Did Hiram Page Remain Faithful to the Book of Mormon?”


“Why Was Peter Whitmer Jr. Chosen to Witness the Gold Plates?”




“A Whirlwind History of Frivolous Lawsuits against Latter-day Saints: Many commentators feigned shock with the recent Huntsman lawsuit. They shouldn’t be. Similar “publicity stunt” lawsuits have been going on for a long time.”




But the work goes on.  Here, clocking in at just under forty-five (45) minutes, is the latest video installment of regular report of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:


“April 2021 Edition of The World Report”


It’s available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.




And, finally, here’s a tidbit for you out of Alabama, from the inexhaustible cornucopia of the Christopher Hitchens Memorial “How Religion Poisons Everything ” File©:


“Young LDS elders helping keep city clean”



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