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Inventing History January 6, 2022


Reichstag fire
The Reichstag in Berlin, February 1933  (Wikimedia Commons; public domain image)




Exactly a year ago today, a group of patriotic tourists who hoped only to make America great again decided to visit the seat of our federal government, the Capitol of the United States, in order to look around and, in some cases, to express their concern about the massive election fraud that was about to hand the White House over to one Joseph R. Biden, a Communist who had actually lost by a landslide to the incumbent president.  Unfortunately, a handful of Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals were interspersed among the patriots, as well as (it seems) a number of agents provocateurs who had been sent by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on behalf of the Deep State, or the Illuminati, or the Bilderbergers, or the Rothschilds, or some sort of pedophile ring.  Upon their arrival at the Capitol, those interspersed troublemakers began to misbehave in order to draw the wrath of the Capitol Police down upon the patriots among whom they were scattered.  Unfortunately, the plot worked.  True American patriots were barred from the People’ House and, as a result, Vice President Mike Pence, feeling no obligation or pressure now to reflect the views of actual legitimate voters, declined to save our republic.


Meanwhile, just this afternoon over at what I sometimes call the Peterson Obsession Board, one of the frequent commenters took some time to reminisce about the days — beginning something on the order of fifteen years back, I think, and ending roughly a decade ago — when I too used to comment there.  He remembers that I came over with guns blazing, insulting and offending the good folks on that board right and left.  They patiently implored me to stop alienating people and to treat them charitably and kindly, but I refused.  I continued with my vicious behavior because . . . well, because that’s the kind of person I am.  And that’s why my blog is the way it is, too.  Mean-spirited and nasty.  Ultimately, in a bid to help me understand what it was like to be on the receiving end of my heartless cruelty and unable to think of any other way to provide a badly needed moral education for me, they began to give me a bit of a taste of it myself.  And they’ve continued to do it during the decade or so since I stopped commenting there.  But I’ve refused to learn.


In other but perhaps related news, I was astonished and appalled by this story — presumably because the man isn’t sufficiently bigoted for my depraved tastes:


“Utah tech entrepreneur and GOP fundraiser calls COVID-19 vaccines an extermination plot by ‘the Jews’: Dave Bateman resigns from Entrata board in wake of antisemitic email”


“Fallout continues from Utah tech boss’ antisemitic COVID-19 conspiracy email”


The person in question currently lives in Puerto Rico.  This concerns me.  I think that the people of Puerto Rico should be very careful in coming days:  I believe that I can already almost hear those Jewish space lasers shifting their targets from the forests of California to a relatively small island in the Caribbean.


Finally, nearly a year ago, the forerunner of the currently apolitical carbon unit called Daniel Peterson really liked the video to which I link below.  His successor still does, declining to view what happened on 6 January 2021 as merely a matter of partisan rivalry or policy disagreement:


“Governor Schwarzenegger’s Message Following this Week’s Attack on the Capitol”


And, while I’m digging my hole, I might as well dig it a little deeper:


“Anniversary of a Disgrace”


Happy Capitol Tourism Day!



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