Prayer Advice For the Single Adult No One Wants

Prayer Advice For the Single Adult No One Wants December 15, 2014

On the same subject as my Single and Catholic, but with more direct knowledge and more sardonically put, fellow Patheos blogger Katrina Fernandez (always recommended, by the way) lists The Stages of Praying for a Single Person. Here’s the fourth in her list of six prayers married people tell single people to pray. And really, really shouldn’t.

4) Give Up The Desire To Be Married

And when God decides to not play along, then what? Ask God to take all hope and desire out of your heart. Duh!

This is probably the single most depressing advice I repeatedly get about finding a spouse. You know that scene in Shutter Island where Leonardo Dicaprio willingly decides to have a lobotomy instead of continuing to live in mental anguish? Yea. It’s like praying for an emotional lobotomy.

This advice is the same thing as telling someone to just give up all hope and accept a future of multiple cats and dying alone.

You know where else there is no hope?



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