Who Will Love This Boy For Me?

Who Will Love This Boy For Me? December 26, 2014

From Elizabeth Scalia’s latest, this mother’s insight into praying for other mothers with sons:

Having promised to remember several friends before the Christmas crèche at our altar after late-evening Mass, I stood pondering the scene. My attention was drawn to Mary and the Infant, and I felt powerfully compelled to pray in particular for some “mothers-and-sons” of my acquaintance: mothers of sons who are police officers and firefighters, and who wonder each day if they will see their little boys on the morrow; mothers who have lost their sons; mothers who deal with developmentally challenged sons for whom every day is a bittersweet question, “which mode will we see today, ‘meltdown’ or ‘mild’? Who will love this boy for me, and for himself, when I am not here? Who will see the sweetness of this boy-man, that is so obvious to me, but hidden to others?”

Update: Add to this reflection this by Tom Zampino: Douglas-to-Dust, Revisted, about a man who was some mother’s son.


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