What if you said “Yes” to every opportunity?

What if you said “Yes” to every opportunity? June 9, 2019

I want to share with you some news. I just released a book, Living a Life of Yes: How One Word Can Change Everything.  More than a book, it documents a change in my life trajectory.

If you’ve been reading in this space, you know a couple of years ago I adopted a word of the year. That word was “Yes.”  I thought it would be easy, a simple and carefree way to live.

But as I found out, “No” had a powerful hold on my life. It represented a crutch of safety and a wall of comfort against the uncertain. It protected my time, my money, my resources. But “no” also stripped me of curiosity, discovery, and wonder. It kept me from the experience of God’s blessing.
Saying “Yes” to every opportunity put in front of me has been a monumental, life-changing decision. I’ve discovered the joy of walking into the unknown. I’ve met people and traveled to places that my wildest dreams never took me:


  • I’ve spent time in the Middle East, meeting with Christian and Muslim families alike whose lives have been upended by ISIS.
  • I’ve had meaningful conversations with addicts, homeless humans, and other marginalized people.
  • I’ve listened to displaced refugees and immigrants, all looking for permanence.
  • I’ve leaned into conversations from people who have different viewpoints and experiences.
  • I’ve learned the meaning of “walk by faith.”

I’ve written about all these and other experiences in Living a Life of Yes: How One Word Can Change Everything. The book highlights dozens of other people who are Living a Life of Yes – ordinary people just like you and me who are experiencing a new way to live.

I talk about fear.
And excuses.
And that voice that whispers, “No, I can’t.”

Friend, this is a book of “Yes, you can!”

If you’re interested—I’d like to send you a sample:
Click here to read Chapter 1

In this chapter, I tell the story of saying “Yes” to an unexpected trip to the Middle East. And everything that unfolded after still has me shaking my head in wonder. I hope this chapter entertains you, of course, but also inspires you to experience greater wonder and surprise in your own life.

To download and read the chapter at your convenience, click here.

Thank you all for your love and support.
Here’s to living a life of Yes!


Living a Life of Yes, How One Word Changes Everything available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore. 

About David Rupert
David Rupert lives in Colorado, working as a communications manager. His writings can be found at Christianity Today, Real Living, Breakpoint, The High Calling, Patheos and a variety of other Christian and leadership publications. His latest book is Living a Life of Yes, How One Word Changes Everything is now available everywhere. You can read more about the author here.

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