June 27, 2007

“I was abducted by aliens…”When asked to share the most unusual excuses workers gave for missing work, recruiting managers shared some of their favorite examples:”I’m too drunk to drive to work.””I accidentally flushed my keys down the toilet.””I had to help deliver a baby on my way to work.” (Employee was not in the medical profession.) “I accidentally drove through the automatic garage door before it opened.””My boyfriend’s snake escaped from its cage and I’m afraid to leave the bedroom… Read more

June 22, 2007

Purportedly from the Sunday, April 14, 1994 edition of the Washington Post. A contest was held in which readers were asked to come up with excuses to miss a day of work: If it is all the same to you, I won’t be coming in to work. The voices told me to clean all the guns today. When I got up this morning, I took two Ex-Lax in addition to my Prozac. I can’t get off the john, but I… Read more

June 17, 2007

A new survey on “summer absenteeism” shows 39 percent of full-time employees have called in sick just to enjoy a day off. They call it a “mental health day.” They use the day to go shopping, go to the lake, or lounge around the house. Mondays and Fridays seem to be the day most popular. As managers who have 1,000’s work for us, we can attest to the truths found here. It’s happening and in many workplaces, its rampant. At… Read more

June 9, 2007

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of God-talk from the political candidates.It seems to be going far beyond the customary, “And may God bless America.”In the past, whenever a politician would speak out about their faith, the press would cry ‘foul’ and accuse them of wanting to establish a theocracy or some other nonsense.Any elected official who would indicate that their belief system actually guided their votes was subject to mockery and derision. But something is happening — there are… Read more

June 2, 2007

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were completely transparent in the Garden. It wasn’t their lack of clothing. It was their attitudes. It was the way they conducted their lives. Since there was no sin, there was no need to hide. But after the fall, everything for Adam and Eve changed. God called out, “Adam, where are you?” but it was not a holy game of hide and seek. God knew exactly where Adam was even though Adam did his… Read more

May 30, 2007

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton had the world ahead of him. Picked no. 1 in the 1999 draft by Tampa Bay, what more could a high school senior want? The Devil Rays believed he was such a complete package that they dubbed him the “future of the franchise.” He could pitch – clocked at 96 miles an hour – but baseball salivated over his offensive skills even more.He was given a $3.9 million signing bonus that fueled a dangerous lifestyle… Read more

May 13, 2007

On Friday night, ABC’s 20/20 aired an episode called “Seeing and Believing: The Power of Faith.”It seems the media has a fleeting fascination with people who are motivated with things beyond money or possessions or pleasure. We are freaks in their estimation and they often go out of their way to demonstrate the ‘freakiest’ among us.Ater a long week of traveling the West, I was out of gas but decided to give the program a few minutes of my attention… Read more

May 13, 2007

Jesus tells a story in Matthew 18 about the “unforgiving servant.” A man approached the King, having owed him the modern equivalent of 12 million dollars. There was no way to pay the money back and the only payment option left at this point was to sell the man and his family into slavery and all of his possessions would be seized. The man begged for mercy and the king forgave his debt in its entirety. Then, out of the… Read more

May 7, 2007

“Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you.”– Jesus Christ, John 16.22″One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.”-Robert A. HeinleinRed Letter Believers are people who know how to celebrate. There far too many dour – yet sincere – Christians, who only know the life of sorrow and penitence. They are permanently prostate –– repenting of unknown sins, confessing long-forgiven attitudes and humbled… Read more

April 26, 2007

Fake man or man of faith Duane Chapman, who goes by the name “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is a head busting, TV star who chases criminals on the lam. He also claims to be a born-again Christian whose show on A&E is filled with biblical references and expressions of faith.Before he goes to hunt a bounty, he gathers the family and they bow their heads and pray for safety and for the capture “in Jesus name.”Right now, Chapman, his son… Read more

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