Welcome to "The Deacon's Bench"!

Welcome to "The Deacon's Bench"! December 12, 2010

If you’ve wandered over here from Beliefnet or Facebook, looking for Deacon Greg’s joint, you’re in the right place! Pull up a chair, grab a mug and make yourself at home.

Feel free to look around.  You’ll find national news and deacon news, along with homilies and the occasional curiosity.  It’s my hope that you’ll find this place engaging, entertaining, informative and maybe, even, inspiring.   Check back often.  I hope to be updating it throughout the day.  I’ll be maintaining an archive, for now, back at Beliefnet, and may link back there from time to time.

Meantime, kick back, get acquainted with the site, and then join the conversation…

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19 responses to “Welcome to "The Deacon's Bench"!”

  1. Welcome, Deacon! I just have to go and add Deacon’s Bench no 3 to my bookmarks of favourites…pull a mug of beer for me and I will be right back…………

  2. Hey, welcome to the new digs Dcn. Greg! I was thinking about sending you a virtual “Cyber house warming”; still deciding when I saw the beer which made me forget the gift and come on in!

    You know I long believed that you and Elizabeth Scalia (aka Dear Anchoress), would be the “lighthouse” in a big way for much of America, and that was before I think you two even knew each other.

    Anyway, I know there will be great syngery here at Pathos. Sorry I was so slow to accept the move. I tend to get “settled in” and REALLY hate to help my friends move, certainly not a trait of which I’m proud.

    All the best, and may the Holy Spirit never stop His generousity upon you, as well as Elizabeth and all of the other great writers in the neighborhood.

    Thanks for all you do, and sorry I’m such a worthless friend when it comes to helping with the move.

  3. So excited about your new home-so easy to navigate-I feel comfortable already! I’m sure I’ll be visiting often with my mug of coffee. Thank you Deacon-cheers!

  4. Dear Greg,
    Welcome. Looking forward to continuing to read a must-read for me. Btw, love the photo of the church up top. That’s not OLQM, is it?

  5. I love your choice of a picture of happy people hoisting a brew.
    Wasn’t that one of writer Hillaire Belloc’s (or was it Chesterton’s) arguments (Along with fiestas and joy-filled songs) for Catholicism over drab Reformation churches.
    It also reminded me of the poem attributed to Saint Brigid of the Irish (450-525AD)
    “I should like a great lake of ale
    For the King of the kings.
    I should like the family of heaven
    To be drinking it through time eternal……”

    “I should like cheerfulness
    To be in their drinking;
    I should like Jesus.
    Too, to be there among them……”

  6. Glad to relocate with “Deacon’s Bench” and looking forward to more thought-provoking posts.

    (If the James Martin, SJ, who posted above, is the the author of “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” may I say that I read it on a plane and felt as thought I were on a mini-retreat, 1,000 miles high in the sky. I passed it on to my brother, graduate of the Jesuit University in Philadelphia.)

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