A little news

A little news February 28, 2011

A few people have wondered about the new job I alluded to in this post.

Well briefly: earlier this month I decided to step away from the world of broadcasting, and  NET in Brooklyn, to return to my roots in print. I accepted an offer to become the new Executive Editor of ONE, the acclaimed bi-monthly magazine published by the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA).  I started work there today, February 28.

ONE — under the inspired editorship of Michael LaCivita — has earned a reputation as one of the best-written, best-designed magazines in all of Catholic media, consistently winning top awards from the Catholic Press Association and winning, as well, the respect of journalists, clergy and laity around the globe.  I’m humbled to be taking the helm of this unique publication, and especially excited at the opportunity this presents to continue the mission of the New Evangelization.  As Michael takes over as CNEWA’s full time Vice President for Communications, he’s  leaving large shoes to fill, and there is much work ahead of me.  But this is an extraordinary moment for the Church in the Near East; the still-unfolding events in Libya and Egypt are daily reminders of the struggles Christians face every day.  I can’t think of a more important story to share with the world.

Meantime, for those who have asked: yes, “The Deacon’s Bench” will continue, and I’ll still be merrily blogging.  (Speaking of which: one element I hope to add to ONE, in fact, is a blog from our contributors around the world.)  And I’ll still be working at my parish, and doing all sorts of deacon-y things, and making some appearances at speaking engagements around the country.  It’s going to be a busy year.

So please do keep me in your prayers as I embark on this great new adventure — and know that all you who visit The Bench will continue to be in my prayers, too!

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10 responses to “A little news”

  1. To be part of an organization with such a lofty and praiseworthy mandate (that I just read on the NEWA website) is truly a gift. All the best in this new endeavor and challenge.

  2. God bless Deacon Greg! You did wonderful things for the Net…I am sure that One will grow under your care as well.

  3. Congratulations! Yes, Michael does leave some large shoes to fill with the wonderful ONE publication. No doubt you’ll continue doing grand things with it. Plus, he’s one great guy to be around. Good for both of you!

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