Horrific February 15, 2011

I knew Lara Logan during my time at CBS News, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more tenacious, eager, committed reporter. She was someone who could have gotten by on just her looks, but didn’t.  She rolled up her sleeves and went into some of the most dangerous places on earth, to get the story, because that’s what mattered.

So this news is more than a shock.  It’s just horrific:

On Friday February 11, the day Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak stepped down, CBS correspondent Lara Logan was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a “60 Minutes” story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into frenzy.

In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering.

There will be no further comment from CBS News and correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time.

The New York Daily News spotlights her fearlessness:

Logan and her crew had been detained at gunpoint by security forces on Feb. 2, the same day that many journalists were beaten or kidnapped.

She was kicked out of the country and came back to New York, where she told the Charlie Rose Show last Monday that she wanted desperately to go back.

“It’s very hard for me to be away from this story,” she said. “I feel, in one sense, like a failure professionally. I feel like I failed because I didn’t deliver, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

“Fundamentally it’s in my blood to be there and to be on the street and listening to people and to do the best reporting that I can.”

She acknowledged that “I put my family through a difficult situation” but said she felt worse for the Egyptians left behind in the interrogation cells.

“In the end foreign journalists have somewhere to go. They have a safe place to go, but these people don’t,” Logan told Rose.

My prayers go out to her and her family — and to her extended family at CBS.

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37 responses to “Horrific”

  1. I truly believe the Muslim faith is a demonic force. I grow tired of mainstream media commenting that their fervor is attributed to the Arab culture. Christian Arabs don’t freak out the way muslims do.

    Wherever Islam goes (Middle East, Indonesia, Turkey, etc.) we see muslim mobs whipping themselves into bazaar frenzies over whatever random issue du jour gives them the excuse.

    They bring “Mass Hysteria” to a new level. Possessed they are.

  2. Dcn Greg,

    I am truly sorry for the terror your friend experienced in Egypt.

    That some in the media have used this horror as an opportunity to attack her is beyond comprehension and reveals, yet again, the incivility of our public discourse.

    My prayers are with her for a full recovery and for her family and friends, as well, most especially her children.

  3. Terrible story. I can’t even begin to imagine…

    David – why judge the whole muslim faith on the actions of the few? Are we the the whole Catholic Church evil and predatory towards young boys on the basis of the actions of a few depraved priests?

    Ms Logan and her family are in my prayers, as are the perpetrators.

  4. I find it really sad and deplorable that the person that was there to report on the situation faced by the Egyption people was visciously brutalized by the very people she was there to report about. Is this what Islam teaches them? Would they have done this to Christiane Amanpour?

  5. We shouldn’t judge the whole Islamic faith based on this, but what we should fear is that this is not a revolution for democracy, as some would have it, or a revolution that will be coopted by the Moslem Brotherhood, as many fear, but rather a flat out action by a mob.

    If that’s true, it’s like the French Revolution, which many admire, but in reality was simply a revolution fueled by empty bellies, and which degenerated into terror. Right now, there’s reason to fear that this is what is occurring in Egypt.

  6. This attack says more about her employers than about Islam.

    Good men do not send attractive and strong-headed young women into unstable and barbaric places where they are at risk, just as good countries do not send women into combat.

  7. My prayers go out to her, however I cannot understand how this is not yet another colossal lapse of judgement akin to Daniel Pearl’s decision to go and interview Al-Qaeda. There simply is no justification to be “shocked”. Horrified, yes, but not surprised or shocked.
    As for the article in the link above, with all do respect her “job” is raising her child. That does not mean she must quit her job as a reporter, but it does mean, it in fact must mean, everything else is subordinate to that responsibility.
    She risked that child not growing up with her mother. And for what?

  8. You reap what you sow. This does not pertain to this woman journalist, but to those so eager to jump on the band wagon that the Muslim faith is so peaceful. I wonder how many women are raped each day in Muslim countries around the world with very little they can do about it because Muslim law puts the woman on trial. I wonder how many women are abused and thrown out into the gutter in Muslim countries. Maybe there are mosques where the message of peace and love are preached full time, but they certainly do not look to be the typical.

    We now see this administration almost joining the cheering section about this mob takeover as if these 200,000 or so people represent the thoughts of the 80 million egyptians. They yell they want democracy and we hope that what they mean does not resemble what they have in Iran and Syria or others. This is what I mean by we reap what we sow. In baking the mob rule, we have set a very dangerous prescendent . One day we might see mobs out on the streets of America trying to bring about the downfall of our country and its constitution.

  9. Just at this time a relic of St. Mary Magdalene is visiting our diocese. St. Mary Magdalene was a woman who stood out from the crowd and did over-the-top things. She was also put down for it. She was not even believed when she told the disciples that the Lord had risen. They did not believe her ‘reporting’. I see in the saint a model for Ms. Logan. I also pray that St. Mary Magdalene will offer prayer, strength, and inspiration to a woman who takes chances. Peaple who get out there and tell the truth are often persecuted. Woman who do so are even more hated because they upset the social order…merely by showing up. If the Muslim world does not condemn this action, calling it un-Islamic and immoral, then it shows its true colors. Ms. Logan faced down the very Devil. May God defend her and heal her. Let us all pray for her. This is going to be a long dark night. God bless the truth-tellers.

  10. There is a lot more to this story than we have here.

    First, the Egyptian govt and security forces were well aware of who and where she was. She had been held on suspicion of spying for Israel. Her husband is a “defense contractor” whom she met in Baghdad, and he is hooked up tightly with Black Ops units like STRATFOR and Special Forces.

    I think she was deliberately targeted and that this was not a random act of Muslim violence.

  11. When I saw this story a number of thoughts came to mind. First, that here and elsewhere in the media it is NOT being reported that the savage crowd was screaming: “Jew, Jew!” Why Not??? And why did it take 5 days for the story to be reported???? Most of the comments I have heard on the local radio stations express the opinion that the news was withheld so it wouldn’t rain on the narrative the American media quickly embraced that the revolution was a very, very peaceful one.
    It also makes one wonder about the judgement of some who instantly portrayed all the protestors as a bunch of dramatic practitioners of the Beatitudes before all the evidence was in.
    Yet the American media has been relentless in smearing the people in the Tea Party movement here. However, I have not seen any reports of 200 Tea Party members raping anyone.

  12. “This attack says more about her employers than about Islam.

    Good men do not send attractive and strong-headed young women into unstable and barbaric places where they are at risk, just as good countries do not send women into combat.”

    I was going to comment similarly, but this says it nicely. I feel badly for her and for her family, but she’s an idiot and so are all the folks around her that sent her there. Egypt wasn’t a safe place before the uprising.

  13. What radio commentators and/or journalists have provided you with this information? I am interested in your sources, since I have a relative who is a journalist in the Middle East.
    Thank you.

    – “First, that here and elsewhere in the media it is NOT being reported that the savage crowd was screaming: “Jew, Jew!” Why Not???
    – And why did it take 5 days for the story to be reported????
    – Most of the comments I have heard on the local radio stations express the opinion that the news was withheld so it wouldn’t rain on the narrative the American media quickly embraced that the revolution was a very, very peaceful one.”

  14. All positive wishes for Lara’s rapid recovery from what was most certainly a horrific experience.
    The blame is on the men who attacked her, which doesn’t automatically mean that every man who follows Islam wants to attack and rape a woman. Judging everyone who follows a religion into one catagory makes, IMO, no sense.

  15. from Wiki: “In 2011, while covering the Egyptian protests against Hosni Mubarak,
    Logan and her crew were arrested by the Egyptian army in Cairo on suspicion of
    being Israeli spies. Logan later said of the incident, “We were detained by the
    Egyptian army. Arrested, detained, and interrogated. Blindfolded, handcuffed,
    taken at gunpoint, our driver beaten. It’s the regime that arrested us…. We
    were accused of being Israeli spies. We were accused of being agents. We were
    accused of everything.” also: “Logan’s husband is a U.S. Federal Government
    defense contractor from Texas, whom she met in Iraq.”

    Here is an interview she gave to Charlie Rose just a few days before being
    just-4-days-before-brutal-attack-vidoe/ In the interview she says she was
    accused of being an agent of “a foreign government,” which confirms the Wiki

    Notice that the original CBS News story says that a “dangerous element” was
    responsible for the attack. Who were they? Street thugs? Barbary pirates?
    Intelligence agents?

    Finally, here is a clip of the last report she gave prior to the assault. Notice
    that she describes her crew as being bullied by plainclothes security agent.
    Also notice that TIME reported that her arrest took place near the Israeli
    embassy in Cairo.

    Upshot? I think there is much more to this story than a random attack.

  16. Wasn’t it Katie Couric who recently suggested an Islamic “Cosby version” Islam show?

    With all respect and good wishes for Laura, hopefully this hit close enough to home that “Fifteen Million Overpaid Dollar Katie” can get a dose of reality.

    Maybe it’s time she and the rest of the ‘left terriorist luvin’ Islam equal rights crowd’ can finally understand that we are dealing with real terrorism and real consequences, despite their willful ignorance.

    What happened to Laura is simply horrible, but the reality is, if we don’t take political Islam seriously, what happend to Laura there will be soon enough be a common occurance here.

  17. Lara’s experience has already happened to women soldiers operating in combat zones in non-combat roles, and will happen much more frequently if/when women soldiers are given combat duties by the politically-correct progressives. Oppose all such attempts to put women in combat, if you respect their womanhood at all.

  18. This gang sexual assault and beating of Lara Logan is a sad example of Muslims behaving badly because they lack the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in their lives. Instead they are walking”according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air(Satan), the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience…and are by nature children of wrath…” (Ephesians 2:2-3)
    Pray for them!

  19. Ed
    I suppose that one could use the same passage (Ephesians 2:2-3) to describe the clergy who have sexually assaulted and raped thousands of young people in the Catholic Church. (But wait, I realize, Paul was not referring to believers (Christians) in that passage!) But I can ask: “What about the soldiers and women who came to Lara Logan’s aid? Are they ‘walking according to the prince of the power of the air (Satan)’, too?”

    I, personally, do not like to use scripture passages in this way. The context then and now is different. I respect your right to interpret and use Scripture in this way but I am glad that I have the right to respectfully disagree with you.

    I do not want to confine the Holy Spirit (even though, I am aware of the Church teaching that the fullness of the Holy Spirit was revealed in Christ). Still, I know that I am on good solid theological ground when I say that the same Spirit that hovered over the waters at creation is available to ALL people.

  20. HMS,

    “Despite the growing media consensus that Catholicism causes sodomy, an alternative view — adopted by the Boy Scouts — is that sodomites cause sodomy. (Assume all the usual disclaimers here about most gay men not molesting boys, most Muslims being peaceful, and so on.)
    It is a fact that the vast majority of the abuser priests — more than 90 percent — are accused of molesting teen-age boys. Indeed, the overwhelmingly homosexual nature of the abuse prompted The New York Times to engage in its classic “Where’s Waldo” reporting style, in which the sex of the victims is studiedly hidden amid a torrent of genderless words, such as the “teen-ager,” the “former student,” the “victim” and the “accuser.”

    Ann Coulter

  21. Max,

    I do not know why you have responded with this quote to the posts that I have made. I have not made any comments about the sexual orientation of the clergy-abusers.

  22. HMS–from story in Boston Herald by Michael Graham (2-17-2011) based on stories and information that had been coming into his radio station over the past few days (but ignored by most of the media (the main reason he wrote the story) treating the crowds as the peaceful equivalent of Times Square New Years revelers.::
    “Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling . ‘Jew! Jew!’ as she covered…..”
    “But CBS? They sat on their own story. For 5 days….CBS reported nothing.”
    (In fact the headline over the story was: “CBS complicit in news coverup.”)

  23. I do not know Michael Graham, perhaps, because I do not live in the Northeast. So I had to Google Search him.

    “Michael Graham is an American talk radio host, writer, and conservative Republican political commentator. His daily talk show, The Natural Truth, airs on 96.9 Boston Talks. A writer, Graham is the author of several books and is a columnist for the Boston Herald.” (Wikipedia)

  24. Not to relegate the horrific story of Lora Logan, but in reality, the bigger story is that the the left wing MSM finally got a dose of reality that political islam is not “Made for TV Cosby” shows.

    It started with Anderson Cooper being attacked, subsequently Katie Couric running scared into hiding. You would think that even based on that, the MSM just might feel a need to report that this was not on par with New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

    Anyone who thinks this is democracy and not another Iran in the making, I have bridge to sell ya.

    A reasonable person, one would think, would “get it” that despite the left MSM (and left wing politicians) going ga ga over American hating political Islamic terroritsts, at the end of the day, a terrorist is still a terrorist, even towards agenda driven MSM and Obamaites.

  25. HMS–It is not just “conservative” columnist and radio host Graham who reported on the FACT that the crowd was yelling “Jew! Jew!” Google in “Jew! Jew! Egypt” and you will get a long list of sites that reported it. Also, it is FACT– not opinion– that the attack was on Friday and was not reported in the media until the following Tuesday keeping the facade in place that the crowds were the equivalent to peaceful New Year’s revelers in Times Square.

  26. I’d like to hear what CBS or Lara Logan have to say about this, on the record.

    FWIW: all the accounts of this that I’ve read, on all the various websites who’ve posted this detail, all lead back to one anonymous “network source” quoted in the New York Post. I haven’t yet found a second source — or someone who will say it for attribution. That may mean nothing. But it’s curious.

    Dcn. G.

  27. On the record–Come on Greg. Why the 4 or 5 day burying of the story?? Some are convinced it is to make sure the right story goes out “on the record.” as well as not harming the image of the protesters.
    According to the Post their information comes from “CBS and sources” so it is more than one source.
    But you can clear up the controversy . Your long-time and deep CBS connections should be able to set the record straight.
    Call one of them. Don’t just throw fog on the Post story. If that “Jew! Jew!” story is untrue it should be exposed. And has the media been as cautious in its reporting of accusations against the Tea Party. But, well, a report on anti-Semitism–THAT must be vetted, investigated, probed (after being buried for 5 days) until the story is a dead issue.

  28. I’ll see what I can find out. I got an e-mail from a friend at 60 Minutes the other day, noting that what happened to Lara is far worse than what is being reported. She is, literally, lucky to be alive. I suspect that’s why it was kept quiet. (I actually wondered if they were only releasing sparse details so they could prepare us for the news that she’d died…) On a hunch, I suspect that the CBS press release/statement was lawyered to death — “admist”? Seriously? Who talks like that? — and that if the “Jew, Jew” fact is true, the CBSers may well have been cautioned (warned?) not to include that detail from people in the State Department.

  29. How can anyone BLAME the victim? I thought that we as society had matured beyond that? Guess there are some that still think the “woman” by just being a woman “asks for it”.

    Deacon Kandra, thanks for letting us know what you heard from your friend. And I’m sure that the release about her was totally sanitized.

  30. Because getting on with life and keeping out of harms way at the very least demands acknowledging the reality of the world. She made the premeditated choice to put herself in a position where she could be raped or killed or both (and she must have known that unless she is an airhead). And for what? She made the conscious choice to risk her child growing up without her. And for what?

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