That iPhone confession app: it's not just for Catholics

That iPhone confession app: it's not just for Catholics February 10, 2011

Protestants can benefit from it, too, according to an author and philosophy professor:

Like most people, John Mark Reynolds, a professor of philosophy at Biola University and co-editor of The New Media Frontier, initially thought that the app allowed users to confess and receive forgiveness through the iPhone. He told The Christian Post that his first reaction to the app was, “Arghh, another example of failing to understand that physicality matters.”

But after looking more closely at the tool’s features, he said evangelicals should take a cue from their Catholic counterparts on the practice of confessions and checking their “spiritual temperature” with the Ten Commandments.

“A checklist like that is totally compatible with evangelical traditions. Someone like John Calvin or Martin Luther would want you to go through the Ten Commandments and reflect thoughtfully on how you may have broken them,” said Reynolds.

As digital confessors tap their way through the app, they are asked questions like: “Do I not give God time every day in prayer?” “Have I been angry with God?” and “Have I encouraged anyone to have an abortion?”

Daily and thorough introspection is a good thing, according to Reynolds.

“If we’re not careful, we fall into cheap grace,” he cautioned. “We don’t pay any specific attention to a lot of the bad things we do. A lot of people get two or three things that they struggle and those are the only sins that they only considered that they have committed.”

The novelty of the app alone has been enough to peak interest in the blogosphere, with several sites running tongue-in-cheek headlines like, “Bless me iPhone for I Have Sinned.” The imprimatur, or official Catholic Church blessing, from Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, granted to the Confession app has also helped it land endorsements.

“In all seriousness, I think this app may be a boon for the sacrament. While confession may be on the decline, I can attest that it remains a powerful venue for grace and healing …. I’m all for whatever makes it easier for others to take that cleansing plunge,” said Father Edward L. Beck, a religion contributor for ABC News.

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