The new missal: what will you be singing?

The new missal: what will you be singing? February 10, 2011

One of the most popular publishers of Catholic liturgical music is Oregon Catholic Press, or OCP.  You find their hymnals in a lot of parishes around the U.S., and their settings for the mass are probably among the most familiar anywhere.  (“Celtic Alleluia,” anyone?)

Their website is now offering samples of some of the new mass settings, along with revisions of existing settings.

Want a taste of what’s to come?  Chances are, your parish will be using some of this music.

Taste and see.  Or hear.

Just click on the links below for samples.

New Mass Settings.

Revised Mass Settings.

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3 responses to “The new missal: what will you be singing?”

  1. I’m an organist in the suburbs of Chicago, and my parish uses OCP. I’ve listened to most of the new and revised Masses, and I’m relieved that most of them are done well. I think we’ll be teaching our parish at least two or three of the new Masses when the new norms come around.

  2. They vary a bit, but of the ones I listened to I really liked the Mass of St. Frances Calibrini, St. Gregort the Great., and St. Paul the Apostle.

    Of the worst that sound too much like hippie music of the past: Mass of St. John and Mass of renewal.

  3. There are a lot of free and independently published settings of the new corrected translation that are now available and approved. There’s also another major Catholic music publisher out there. All these folks have sound files up so you can listen.

    Beyond that, there are a lot of previously approved, public domain Masses out there which will be a lot easier to adapt to the new corrected translation than they were with the old translation. (Particularly the Gloria, the structure and words of which the old translation totally wonkle-bonkled beyond recognition.)

    It’s silly to restrict yourself to just one publisher’s stuff.

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