Sing for Your Supper: After Sunday, Here’s What Your Parish’s Leaders of Song Are Up To

Sing for Your Supper: After Sunday, Here’s What Your Parish’s Leaders of Song Are Up To July 15, 2019

This video from Nashville is sweeping the interwebs, but it has a backstory: 

A video showing customers inside the Rivergate Chick-Fil-A bursting into song is making the rounds on social media.

It shows dozens of people giving an acappella rendition of “Lean On Me”.

The video was originally posted by Jake Jones on Facebook. He says his group started the song because they were training at the Acappella Company’s Worship Leader Institute.

You can check it out below.

But this isn’t the first time these guys have lifted their voices for a chicken sandwich.

Here they are last year:

So, what’s the Worship Leader Institute? Glad you asked. Here:

What’s a song leader to do? For decades there have been scarcely any opportunities to study a cappella worship leading in an academic setting. Only in the past few years have universities begun instituting degrees in worship music. And even these programs won’t give you the secrets of the worship leaders who get invited to the big conferences – the ones who light up the room and get everyone singing. Such courses can’t because they’re concentrated on Bible and music fluency almost exclusively. And who’s got four years to invest, anyway? You want to give your best for God and your congregation, but you’ve got to lead worship now.

What if you could get these secrets, all of them, in a week? Sound like a great opportunity? That’s what Keith Lancaster, founder of Acappella Ministries, has created with The Worship Leader Institute, the world’s premiere training resource for comprehensive a cappella worship education.

But how are you able to load so much content into one week? It’s simple, because many of the secrets themselves are simple. In fact, at a subconscious level, you already know much of what makes for powerful, charismatic worship leading. It’s a matter of putting in the right work and getting coached.

Do you know someone at your parish who could benefit from this…?

If nothing else, they could become superstars on YouTube.

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