A note to all those eager to help Fr. Corapi

A note to all those eager to help Fr. Corapi March 20, 2011

A few people in the comments have offered legal help to the accused priest.

Please note: I will not post addresses or phone numbers.  I have no way of verifying whether they are legitimate, and can’t vouch for the people posting them.

I’m sure, in the 10 days since he first learned of the allegations, Fr. Corapi has amassed a strong and credible legal team.  (Made up of both canon lawyers and civil defenders.)  I have no doubt the statement on his website was thoroughly vetted by them. I suspect the people at EWTN, who have pulled his programs from their lineup, are also acting on the advice of their own lawyers.  As a few sensible people have noted: we just have to let this play out.

At this juncture, the best help that can be offered by his admirers and supporters is through prayer.  Those interested can also weigh in over at this Facebook page.

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16 responses to “A note to all those eager to help Fr. Corapi”

  1. Hear Hear!
    I was shocked on the past thread, and the ones on
    ‘The Authoress’ blog, at the astonishing lack of charity
    displayed by many of Father Corapi’s fans. I’m sure HE
    would be appalled by that too, if he knew. Wait and see!
    Other than what we’ve heard so far, we know nothing else.
    All we can do is pray, not spew conspiracy theories, hatred,
    or vituporation (sp?).

  2. We are going through the same thing with our priest. Interesting: although SNAP and others have crusaded for others abused over the 16 years our priest has been with us, not one person has come forward. Interesting: the accuser supposedly also made the same accusation of a priest in another diocese and got some nice money for his effort. Interesting: the attorney for the accuser is a member of a legal group that research done by a lawyer investigating on behalf of one diocese found to have made over $100 million from accusations by its clients, 50% of which were ultimately determined to be false. Interesting: the police cleared our priest and SNAP called foul, stating that the police were “not fit to investigate.” The case is now a civil one, but our priest still remains in limbo.

    We have raised money for the civil defense of our priest since the diocese won’t pay for this; we continue to provide him any emotional support we can since the diocese feels it cannot; we push for a change to the zero tolerance policies that seem to be un-American in assuming guilt and having to prove innocence.

    The bottom line, though, for us, Fr. Corapi, and anyone touched by false allegations is to trust God to take care of His priests, to help God when it is clear what He would want us to do, and to wait on Him, no matter how difficult that may be, when there is no more to be done. God works in His own time, and no, we don’t always understand why things happen or do not — in some cases, we may never know, and not knowing is okay. I figure at the very least, God loves our priest and is pleased to have more time with him.

  3. In Albany where the Bishop was an outspoken advocate of the current policy of ‘zero tolerance’ when it was adopted by the Bishops’ Conference, meaning that the priest must be immediately placed on administrative leave whenever a ‘credible’ allegation is received, a very high powered legal team was hired to defend the Bishop from a claim of a consensual, adult homosexual relationship. No expense was spared in conducting a thorough investigation into the allegation and indeed the result was that he was exonerated from the allegation. This may have pre-dated the Bishops’ Conference current policy of zero tolerance so I don’t think that the Bishop put himself on administrative leave in that case.

  4. Please provide a link to this: SNAP called foul, stating that the police were “not fit to investigate.” It doesn’t sound like anything any of our members would ever say.

    David Clohessy, SNAP

  5. I wonder what would happen if someone made an abuse allegation against the president of Notre Dame.

  6. We know that”

    1. Father Corapi is INNOCENT until and unless PROVEN guilty.

    2. That Fr. Corapi has posted the following on his web site: “ALL of the allegations in the complaint are FALSE, and I ask you to pray for all concerned.”

    3. The devil attacks good Priests, who are true to the Magisterium and bring Souls to God.

  7. Legally, in the court system, Fr. Corapi is “PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty.” The presumption of innocence puts the burden of proof on the state.

    Morally, however, Fr. Corapi already IS innocent or guilty in fact. And the rest of us are in no position to know the truth of the matter, so we are morally obliged to refrain from judging him or his accuser of being guilty.

  8. Father Corapi is innocent …….how can anyone doubt that.
    This charge is Satan at work and we must pray hard for Father Corapi and for the person who made this false accusation. I saw Father Corapi at the ATT center in San Antonio last year and I saw a man of God, with the courage to speak out against all that is wrong in our society today – we are a nation of immorality and we are collapsing from within. And our Church leaders are silent. God help us all.
    I pray that Father Corapi trust in the Lord and do not despair. My prayers are with you.

  9. I believe Fr. Corapi to be innocent. My heart totally breaks for him and this cross he’s now bearing has to so very heavy.
    I pray he remains strong and that he knows many people love him, and support him & believe in his innocence.

    I recall Fr. Corapi once saying that the devil uses scandal to bring a priest down & his words seem to have rung true.

    It’s so clear this is the work of Satan wanting to destroy a good priest who’s been able to reach out to so many people, with his gift of preaching, returning those who’ve fallen away back to Christ & the truth of Catholicism — abiding by her teachings.

    I am praying for Fr. Corapi but feel I need to do more. Are there specific prayers or intercessions to saints that Fr. Corapi would prefer.
    What can I do? Does he need financial help to support his defense. Thank you greatly for all your help.
    God Bless.

  10. With all due respect to the Canon Law of our church, I feel that we still need to protect our priests before the matter is made public. We the people, the ordinary people, have been lied to by the media on worldly matters and this has affected family lives, people living a life of sin. Father Corapi has been the ‘voice of one crying in the wilderness’, he has shed light on sin and helped us love God and our faith. There are many people walking in darkness and they need our priests to help them walk in light of Christ. We will pray but we also need to take action.

  11. Please join me in prayer for Fr. Corapi at 3 p.m every day. Get down on your knees and say your rosary for him. The devil is running wild and loose so we need to storm heaven with prayers for this good and holy man. Thank you for joining me at 3 p.m. but if that is not possible say a rosary for him at any time during the day. The main thing is to just get busy praying. Call EWTN, be kind and be nice but ask when his programs will be restored. What does it take? Pray for all concerned to be moved by the Holy Spirit to do what is right.

  12. Fr. Corapi was scheduled to hold a conference in Boston this summer entitled, “The Church Persecuted.” Advertising has been pulled from The Pilot, the diocesan paper. There has been no statement issued by Cardinal O’Malley, who may have been a recipient of one of several letters sent out by the accusers. It is becoming obvious that the Church has begun its persecution of Fr. Corapi. Since the Long Lent of 2002, its lawyers and insurance advisors now run the Church in America, apparently having abandoned any smell of charity toward accused priests.

    Having passed out $100s of millions in settlements in order to not be subjected to the public spectacle of a judicial proceeding, it is using the bludgeon of zero tolerance as its public defense. It takes little imagination for those with a grievance to settle it with the hierarchy’s cooperation. One is reminded this Lent of such false accusations born on Calvary.

  13. I pray for Fr. Corapi every day. I firmly believe he will be proven innocent. A comment to those pointing Fr. Corapi as the one going public on his web site announcement. The reason he had to do that is because he has been suspended, & can no longer continue with his scheduled appearances & duties. As one who follows Fr. Corapi I appreciate & understand why he announced the investigation on his website. I think the church needs to quickly finalize the matter.


  14. What are we talking about here? One letter and his religious superior supends him? Can any priest be sidelined because of the acusations of one person who may be mentally unbalanced? I hope to God they looked deeper than the letter (even just having counsel doing a Lexis – Nexus search on the writer) before doing this thing that wlll even if innocent taint him forever. Quite frankly if one of my priests were to be accused of a consentual affair with an adult woman, I’d want it to be between him, and his bishop, leading to repentance and reform. Children are a different matter but a plain breach of celabacy really wouldent be any of my business.

  15. It’s just another cheap-shot against the Catholic Church… how original. Might as well call it a stick up at the local parish because it’s essentially the same thing. Accusations like this are getting to the point of being ridiculous and unbelievable. It’s no wonder this country is in the state it is in. Being sensitive to Atheist rights and Ludicrous Liberalism, political correctness, taking the Word of God out of the Constitution, and removing “In God We Trust” what vile garbage. This is getting OLD really fast. Father Corapi, we will pray for you. Jesus will help you through this difficult time.

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