Not too busy, after all: Dolan and Cuomo to meet

Not too busy, after all: Dolan and Cuomo to meet March 8, 2011

After the kerfuffle last week, the two men found time for a meeting today, according to the New York Times:

For Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, it is a lesson that not even his Catholic-school upbringing could have taught: When you are the state’s top elected official, even the most innocent scheduling conflict can assume a life of its own.

Mr. Cuomo discovered this after his aides recently informed Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, the leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, that the governor would not be able to meet with him and other Catholic bishops from the state when they traveled to Albany this week for their annual lobbying visit.

Political observers immediately sought to find meaning behind what some suspected was an intentional snub. On Monday, though, Mr. Cuomo and Archbishop Dolan compared schedules and found a time to meet on Tuesday, for coffee at the Executive Mansion.

Mr. Cuomo’s spokesman, Josh Vlasto, said the governor’s office had originally received a request for a meeting on Monday, when the governor was scheduled to deliver speeches in Syracuse and Rochester. (The Syracuse speech was canceled because of poor weather, but the trip to Rochester proceeded.)

It was not until Monday that they learned that Archbishop Dolan and the bishops would be in Albany on Tuesday, too. At that point, “the governor gladly agreed to meet with them,” Mr. Vlasto said.

Mr. Cuomo called Archbishop Dolan last week to stress that he meant no offense by declining their request.

A spokesman for the New York State Catholic Conference, Dennis Poust, described the scheduling situation as a “miscommunication” and nothing more.

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3 responses to “Not too busy, after all: Dolan and Cuomo to meet”

  1. I have to assume that there is a rich tradition (a century or more, perhaps) of the Archbishop and the Governor meeting like this. Otherwise all this “thunder and lightening” makes no sense at all. I cannot imagine any uproar like this happening here in the Midwest.

  2. Norb …

    This little tradition stretches back to the FIRST Gov. Cuomo, and probably before that.

    It’s caused an uproar this time because of the very public criticism by Ed Peters of Gov. Cuomo’s living arrangement with his girlfriend — and his reception of communion recently at mass.

    Dcn. G.

  3. I could not imagine that Gov. Cuomo would not meet with Archbishop Dolan… I was shocked when this first broke.

    Public policy day is huge here in Albany – and there is such a tradition of meeting.

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