Got a backpack of sins? Unpack 'em in confession!

Got a backpack of sins? Unpack 'em in confession! April 18, 2011

Here’s a very cool entry in the iConfess video contest.

It’s Reconciliation Monday here in New York.  Want to get something off your chest (or off your back)?  Now’s the perfect time to do it.

Here’s one reason why…

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3 responses to “Got a backpack of sins? Unpack 'em in confession!”

  1. At Palm Sunday Mass, out pastor stated there are two types of confessions – precise and generalized. He declared that the majority of confessions he hears are invalid as they are generalized and not precise. He did state that he has only ever done two precise confessions himself that required him to list all of his sins on yellow note book paper. He also stated that most people he gives last rites to on their death bed are frightened because he feels they wasted their lives. We live in an interesting parish.

  2. The technical term for your pastor’s heresy is Jansenism. According to the Jansenists, those who believe in the love of God for them are pathetic ingrates going to hell even faster than those who have completely given up hope.

  3. Really? I think this is a terrible video – the kid is so full of himself and practically bragging about his sins “So What? I cheated on a test or two…. I’m just a kid, what do you expect me to do?” He totally misses the point.

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